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    Free credit report for myself?

    Howard Adventurer
      Has anyone tried to sign-up for a free credit report online? i am on Experian's website and as I was entering my information, I noticed there is a required line that asks for my credit card number with fine print that says if I don't cancel in 9 days of joining, I'll be billed $14.95 for each month.

      Has anyone signed up to take a quick (and free) look at their personal credit score and then quickly cancelled? I am afraid to sign-up and then not be able to cancel easily.
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          jp0808 Newbie
          I have done this earlier and cancelled. Just make sure that you cancel on time. You need to call and cancel and it cannot be done online.
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            snccigars Adventurer
            There are many "free" credit reporting sites, however, most are just a way to get your cc # and pester you with e-mails and recurring monthly charges. The only one that is sure to be safe is This website was set up by the government, and it gives you one free credit report from all 3 agencies once per year. This does not include an actual credit score, although you can pay like $5 to get one, also through this same website, so it is safe. You do have to go through quite abit to get setup, but it is secure and safe. Hope this helps!
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              The 3 major credit bureaus allow you to check your report for free once a year. The site is You will have to pay if you want to see your score, but otherwise there are no strings attached. Don't confuse this with, which is NOT free (Its only free if you enroll in their credit moniroting service).