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    Hello All From

    BrandMyFirm Newbie
      Hello all,

      I've been reading this forum for quite some time and figured i should
      just bite the bullet and register. Hopefully I wont get spammed.
      I come from a marketing/ project management background. I've been
      workign in those fields for the past 8 years and met many wonderful
      people as well as worked on some really interesting projects, some
      boring ones too... but i guess that's life. I recently started my 3rd
      business Brand My Firm, and so far, I've been getting some really good
      feedback about it. In short BrandMyFirm is a one stop solution for all
      you web needs. You will have one person who manages everything for your
      web project. He/She will handle designers, marketers, programmers, and
      hosting. He will know your the needs of your busness because he will
      always be your main point of contact and here at Brand My Firm we
      believe in exceeding your expectations and building long lasting
      business relationships. In short we want you to succeed on the

      If this sounds just like what you've been looking for - read on.

      After workign on may different projects and with various clients i;ve
      come to realize that it is frustrating for a client to be transferred
      form one department to another, to explain the whole problem all over
      again only to be transferred once more... What clients really want is
      to get things done, and we are all about getting things done! Here is
      the concept: You are a small business owner or you are just starting
      out, and you have come to realize that the fastest and most affordable
      way to generate new leads and customers for your business is the
      internet. So you decided you need a website, or may be you already have
      a website and wonder weather it works the way it should and generates
      new clients for you at its full potential. So i am going to save you
      some time and tell you that you will need about 4 people to work
      together in order to get everything working the way it should. 1.
      You'll need a designer, he is the person that will create an attractive
      looking site for you.
      2. You'll need a coder, he is going to make sure your website works,
      and appears the same way on different computers with different browsers.
      3. You'll need a marketer, he will be responsible for making sure the
      designer did a good job on the website and thought of many different
      ways to capture the customer, and convert a lone internet wanderer into
      a lead. He will also create ways to market your site better so that you cna get more exposure and make more sales.
      4. Last but not least you will need a hosting company to put your
      webiste online. The host needs to be adequate to your needs. If your
      site is down, you don't make money, but you also loose money because
      frustrated customers will go to your competitors.

      Brand My Firm provides you with one point of contact person, who
      manages your project from start to finish and beyond. You don't need to
      interview various professionals, hire them, get them to work with each
      other... We already have all that in place, all you need to do is pick
      up the phone and call your project manger to make any changes you may

      But don't take my word for it. I am a giver by nature, and i want to
      give information to the wonderful readers of this forum, so if you have
      any questions about your business, don't hesitate to ask. I will try to
      answer them all, and then may be you might want to do business with me
      in the future. That's it. That is my "sales pitch". If you want we can
      make a new thread and post questions and answers in there publicly.
      This way it can become a resource for all readers of this forum.

      Well that's about it. Thank you for reading this far. I hope i did not bore you.

      To your success,

      Brand My Firm
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          rjrupesh Newbie
          Hi Nikita,

          This is Rupesh from surat.I read your question and i liked your concept.
          Well in surat i have a group know as Tech-Group.
          We develop and create websites and softwares for our customer. And also manage them.
          It will be great if we can help each other since i have professional developer and designer in my group and we are fully focused to our customer requirements and needs so that we can give them best. We can work together and grow our business.

          Hope you will definately like my proposal.

          Thanks and Regard's
          Rupesh Jhawar