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    Buying a Existing Franchise:  Without Downpayment??

    SBGoal1 Newbie
      I'm looking to purchase an existinf franchise that is very profitable. I am trying to finance 80% from the parent company but am required to come up with the 20%. How can I do this without using my own money??

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          JasonTees Wayfarer
          If you want to finance it through a bank, it's likely that there is no way to get around the 20% cash requirement. A few years back, banks and SBA lenders would allow the money to come from a gift, which basically consisted of a borrower having a friend go get a loan, then loan it to to them. Since the credit markets fell apart, banks have cut back on that sort of thing. So unfortunately, unless you have access to cash (maybe a credit card cash advance?), its going to have to skirt the 20% down requirement. Banks want to know that you are committed, so that when the times get tough, you have a reason to stick around.
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            phanio Pioneer
            No matter what option you look into in financing the business - you will always be required to come up with the down or equity.

            To come up with that down (as I agree - never use your own money) - there are options. You could seek an unsecured loan for the amount as long as it does not mess up your other deal. You could ask friends and family to invest. or, you could get out in your community and seek if someone would invest in this profitable business with you - they put in 20% - they should get 20% of the business.

            How much is the 20%. If it is under $25K - there are other options like Micro-Loans or Peer-to-peer lending that could help you out.

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