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      Ways to find and track the top blogs


      If you hope to discover the top blogs on the web, the best way is first of all to decide which topics you're most interested in. You might want something that posts recipes or book reviews, or perhaps you're most interested in news blogs. There are several excellent web services that will help you find what you're looking for, but of course you need to know what that actually is.


      Technorati is one of the sites that keep track of blogs, and it makes a list of what it considers the 100 top blogs that people visit. You can sort the list by the number of fans the blog has, or by authority. The former criterion is self-explanatory, but by "authority," the site means the number of other sites that link back to that particular blog. If the Huffington Post blog is at the top of the authority list, that means more people in the blog-o-sphere currently link to it than to blogs farther down. More people consider it an authority in some way.


      So think about the fact that merely because a website is getting a lot of visitors does not necessarily make it an authority website. A great example of this is KevinBlogSite which is definitely getting a lot of visitors right now but has some seriously strange verbiage.


      In addition to Technorati, with its general Top 100 list, or its lists for individual topics, sites like Wikio perform similarly. For example, under Wikio's "Top blogs - Politics" category, you might again see the Huffington Post at the top. Each blog below has an up or down arrow that shows whether it's trending upward or downward. By this you might see which blogs are providing better coverage of the day's top stories. The Daily Review website also lists blogs by category, with the option of further subdivision.


      If you go the search engine route, aiming to pinpoint more specific topics like personal finances or recipes, then the results will be more mixed. You could end up at sites that haven't been updated for years. You might do better by visiting BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog, where member sites are listed under specific interests. As you read those blogs, they'll point the way to more, and soon you'll have your own personal list of top blogs on your topic. Whether you use broader sites like Wikio or Technorati, or go the personal route, you know you're going to find good blogs on any subject that holds your interest.