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    Take the Delegation Test Drive!

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      Hello Fellow Business Owners & Busy Professionals:

      I would like to introduce you to OnTask Assistants, a global, online business support firm that provides Virtual Office Support, Creative Design Services and Lifestyle Concierge Services to entrepreneurs, small business owners and busy professionals in the US, Canada and Australia. While you focus on growing your business, we assist you in managing your business...virtually! Our current client base consists of health and wellness, high-fashion, beauty, performing arts and design professionals alike. Your Business is Our Job!


      Your colleagues are already experiencing the benefits of not having to respond to emails, check voice messages, submit articles, book reservations, manage appointments, enter customer's information, type manuals...the list goes on and on. Our services are virtual, so there's never a need to pay for expenses that are typically associated with hiring full-time staff or inexperienced "professionals." You only pay for the time you need. Our services are smart, affordable and flexible. Most importantly, we do the work so you don't have to!

      Allow me to extend an invitation for you to take our services on a test drive with the Delegation Test Drive offer. This is a FREE 3-day experience where you get to receive a first-hand opportunity to see what it would be like to outsource your time-consuming, day-to-day tasks to your very own Professional Support Specialist. If you are like other professionals, you will appreciate the relief and extra-time you gain by delegating your mundane tasks to someone else. You will enjoy the piece of mind knowing that your work is done. Special attention is given to you and your request for 72 whole hours. There are no strings attached, just work getting done!

      OnTask Assistants also works seamlessly in creating powerful, eye-catching designs that streamlines your company's identity including logos, flyers, business cards, business forms and a vast array of marketing materials. Our Creative Design department works hard to ensure your company is noticed and remembered.



      Mention this letter and automatically get 10% off of your first 2 invoices. Help us spread the word to your colleagues about the benefits of our services, if they become a client of ours and mentions your name, you will receive automatic discount points to use towards any of our services. It's just our way of saying thanks!

      For more information, visit You can also join to receive instant savings, business resources, display your business and network with other professionals.



      We look forward to working with you soon!


      Michelle Hill-Smith


      CEO & Operations Manager


      OnTask Assistants


      "Your Business is Our Job!"