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    Recommendations for SEO company

    peteharry Wayfarer
      I would like my site to be optimized for google, any recommendations for a good SEO company?
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          NatOnline Tracker
          Do you have the time to learn SEO?

          You can start by checking this tips:

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            jesmith Wayfarer
            I am also confused on this matter because there are many peoples which can provide this type of services.
            if you have any site about this matter which one is good for you and me so please let me know.
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              shishirb Adventurer
              You can post your project on freelancing sites like, Elance, etc. and invite bids. You can also visit our site and submit your project requirements for a quote. We know our way around the web and I am sure we can help you with your SEO requirements.
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                spbryantusa Newbie
                The trick is researching what key phrases work for your business. What kind of business is it? Where is it located. Are you a local, nation, state wide business. All this effects how you go about optimizing your site. One great way to start figuring out your key phrases is to do searches and see what your competitors come under in the search engines. Hope this helps a bit! We also provide SEO services contact me if you are interested. CheckpointGraphics - Steve
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                  vnavguys Tracker
                  Let me say this before you are going to need to do a little homework or you are going to lose some cash. Here is why. First, if you have no idea what your doing, someone is going to tell you to "trust me" and most likely they are not trustworthy. I say this because I hire a lot of people, a lot of them are independents. I also fire them quickly too when they do not produce. You have to know what to look for to be able to determine if they are producing or not. Most will say they can get you to the top of Google. Most of them are full of it, in my opinion because if you do not know what to ask for, they will deliver what they "think" you should get. For example, most anyone can rank you for a long tail keyword phrase. This is something like "cutting your mortgage costs". This would be somewhat easy because there is not a lot of people typing that exact phrase into google. Ask them to rank you for "mortgage" and you will see what they are made of.

                  Most people and companies use outdated practices as well, so you really have to do a bit of homework. You also have to know your niche and know what keywords you want to rank for. If you don't know what a keyword is, you have to start there. I always hire for a very specific job, for examle " I want you to make me 20 Web 2.0 sites that have an article talking about "my keyword' and then have it anchor text link to my page" this is very specific and you will thin out the herd rather quickly.

                  Also you did not state whether you had a blog, information site, or ecommerce site. Each of those has specific angles that you need to target. I hope that helps.