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    Does anyone subscribe to traditional magazines anymore

    MagPublisher Wayfarer
      As someone who has been in the publishing business as a staff writer, freelance writer, associate editor and editor, I believe I have the background and finally the capital to strike out on my own and start my own magazine.

      I have been working for and writing for business and finance magazines for the past 15 years but during that time I have seen magazines come and go and ad revenues decline steadily.

      Boards like this and other great sources of information online, all take away from the profit potential of traditional magazines.

      With that being said, I am just curious, do you see real value in the traditional magazine and what traditional magazines if any do you subscribe to?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Best of luck if and when you strike out on your own and start a magazine. Please DO NOT strike out.
          We want you to succeed.
          What magazines to we subscribe to. Very few. Sports Illustrated, Real Simple and The New Yorker.
          We get the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal delivered daily to the house
          In the past we used to get Life, T V Guide, Playboy and Good Housekeeping.
          Today we take current magazines out of the library.
          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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            puzzleman Tracker
            I guess that I am sot of old school. I like to read a lot of magazines and books.
            I like the fact that it is always on, do not have to wait for it to boot up and I can reread the articles whenever I want. Also too I like tearing out the pages and saving the ones I want for later information or review.
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              I used to subscribe to Buisness 2.0...from the very first issue! Until those rats at Time Warner closed it and made Biz 2.0 a part of (of all things) FORBES. Forbes is so ....old and stodgy. That being said, I take Entrpreneur magazine. Since they have revamped it and gotten rid of all the franchising stuff (which was what the magazine was all about for a long time) it's better but nowhere NEAR to what Biz 2.0 was. I miss that magazine. I also have taken in the past The Economist.
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                MagPublisher Wayfarer
                Thanks for the responses. It is good to see that people are still reading paper publications. I have a unique idea for my business magazine. Hopefully people like you will read and find it interesting.
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                  Campbell Wayfarer
                  I subscribe to a few magazines Money, Fast Company, Conde Nast Portfolio, and American Scientific and I'm also one of those guys who shuns newspapers when the Internet is so much more effecient. As part of the American public that buys newspapers I must say that I prefer to read professional magazines opposed to being on their website.
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                    MagPublisher Wayfarer
                    Not being secretive, I just think I have a great idea and don't want to share until everything is fully baked. But I'll give you a hint. What's the problem that most business owners have when they are getting started or want to grow?

                    My magazine will focus on that subject as there are always changes and there is so much information out there.
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                      Lighthouse24 Ranger

                      The Internet is my preferred source for news and research, but I still subscribe to traditional magazines as a source for ideas, topical information, and entertainment. Like many in the community, I receive Fortune and Fortune Small Business for free as a benefit of having Bank of America and American Express business accounts -- and I like them both. I also receive a number of journals as a result of university or professional affiliations (those from the Project Management Institute, American Management Association, and Harvard Business Review are my favorites). My two main hobbies are sailing and music, and I subscribe to Sail and Performing Songwriter.

                      The physical layout, text, and colors of the magazine are just more aesthetically pleasing to me than the on-line versions of the magazines above, plus they're more convenient to carry around and read in spare moments.
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                        bizguy Newbie
                        YES! We still read magazines. I have been in the magazine publishing business for over 4 years now and things are growing for us every issue. I do believe that the business is changing rapidly and the way to ensure you stay on top of the curve is to do things differently that the traditional publishing methods. A print publication does need to have a strong online presence to really help get the word out both to your readers and of course to your advertisers. People still do and always will enjoy the tangible aspect of a glossy magazine either by the pool side reading or on your coffee table.
                        The key is a very low burn rate, an extremely strong editorial team, great distribution, superb print pricing and a niche that you feel will embrace your magazine and lastly a niche that advertisers LOVE!

                        Best of luck to you!

                        Adam Toren
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                            volusiafamily Newbie

                            Hello ,


                            My name is Sarah Romagnoli and I am the Publisher of Volusia/Flagler FAMILY LIVING Magazine, which is a print and online magazine serving the families of Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida. Our website is .


                            Although I started the magazine on a shoestring, we have paid distribution at all the 7-11's, Food Lions, Winn Dixies, BlockBuster Videos and K-Marts in the area and in hundreds of professional offices and locally owned establishments throughout the two county area. We are also excited that we will be at the front offices of all of the schools and libraries as well.


                            The magazine is free and is supported solely by advertisers. We would like to attract more local advertisers and more corporate accounts. We would also like to have more space devoted to articles.


                            In order to have more space devoted to articles we need to have better paying advertisers.


                            In order to have better paying advertisers we need to change our printing process so the magazine is more clean, clear and professional.


                            In order to change our printing process we have to change printers.



                            In order to change printers we need capital. (The printer we have been using works on terms with us and the "new" printer must be paid up front. The cost of the "better" process is actually less, but it must be paid in full and up-front).


                            These changes will not only allow us to make the magazine exactly what we desire it to be, with more articles (able to have a greater impact on readers) and less advertising, but will also make it much more profitable by allowing us to charge a premium for the advertising and attract large regional and national advertisers.


                            We have also, due to demand, expanded North into Flagler County . Palm Coast , the Largest city in Flagler County , is still growing rapidly and is a great place for families and businesses. In order to incorporate Flagler County , reach the families of Flagler County and advertise for the businesses in Flagler County , we must add to our


                            distribution sites to include Flagler County .


                            The only thing standing between us and a more professional magazine that is widely distributed and desired by advertisers, including regional and national companies (that pay well) is a modest amount of capital.


                            I am looking to acquire $10k to $20k, from whatever source is available.


                            My credit is terrible due to a divorce.


                            I know that some places purchase future credit card payments. I have only been accepting credit cards for 2 months and have a monthly average of between $2500 and $3000 per month.


                            What I am looking for is someone who believes in family values and wants to help a magazine that promotes those values, while earning a lucrative return on their investment either as a lender or equity partner.


                            you can contact me at:


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                            slavaret Adventurer
                            I won't subscribe to a magazine unless it's free (professional publications, ad supported, etc.).

                            The ONLY publication I subscribe to is Investors Business Daily. The ONLINE edition. I like them because their style is to give you the bottom line in as few sentences and words as possible. I get all the investment info I need from them daily in 30 minutes or less.

                            The Internet is my primary source of info for everything else. I think the magazine format is outdated as the info is often stale when it gets publushed and distributed. I bet if you did a poll here you would find direct correlation between magazine subscriptions and age.

                            My wife subscribes to the Sunday edition of San Diego Union-Tribune for ONE REASON only: COUPONS.

                            The circulation has been dwindling and to boost numbers they are now delivering Friday and Saturday papers to our door as well even though we haven't asked for them and they go straight into recycling or fireplace. They realize they are dying and are now considering an ONLINE magazine where readers can post articles, notices, photos, announcements, videos, etc. I think that's the format of the future: online, interactive, with moderated reader input and without the ususal editorial pontification.
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                              BDS INC Adventurer

                              Sports Illustrated

                              For me all my business information, comes from the web.
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                                Biz Online Adventurer
                                Great question, MagPublisher!
                                If you are considering doing your own magazine, and find the startup capital a bit heavy, I would suggest a free blog, and a subscriber-based access to your most important articles.

                                One of my favorite marketing blogs is Seth Godin. He is an author as well, so the blog really helps sell his books. He has a real knack at writing about marketing. Just do a Google search and you'll find him.

                                Favorites: Fast Company, Wired, Entrepreneur
                                Others: Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Inc.

                                Best of luck!
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                                  AzTouristNews Newbie
                                  I hope you are an "A" personality.

                                  One thing you must be for success...I hope you are sales oriented, for that my friend, is what this is ALL ABOUT. Distribution is key, target market is key. In the final analysis, if you are going to have to depend on sales people and YOU are not the sales person that would know when other "sales" people pull the wool over your eyes....that will be the challenge, cash flow.

                                  Editors abound, designers, abound....Vision, will be yours to win with or lose.....Sales,....sales, sales.