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    Need Feedback on Marketing Idea Please

    RE.Manager Newbie
      I have a Real Estate management firm. Our market is investors in single family, town home and condo owners. We are in Metro Phoenix, Az.

      Current market conditions for home sales are bad, to say the least. 40% of the properties for sale are vacant, not good either. However those facts present a great opportunity for my management firm. There are owner that would benifit from leasing the property until the market turns around.

      To reach that market I need to reach the listing agents, who have inventory that isn't moving.

      What I want to do is put together a short presentation to give at the weekly office meetings. Outline what we do, how it will benifit the owners, agents etc. The difficult part of getting into the meetings is calling the office manager and getting the ok. We do not do sales, all listing and sales would be refered back to the agent.

      Does this sound workable? Any sugestions on what to include in the presentation? Any other marketing ideas are more than welcome.


      Thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Lets see if I understand you and if so then try to help.
          You say that "The difficult part of getting into the meetings is calling the office
          manager and getting the ok. We do not do sales, all listing and sales
          would be refered back to the agent."
          Is that like making COLD CALLS??
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              RE.Manager Newbie
              Yes, that means cold calling.

              I have never done cold calls before. All my clients have come from ads, web site and referal of current clients. I don't want to sound like a call center. What I want is an ok to give a very short talk at the weekly sales meeting. Most real estate offices have these meetings.

              I will have handouts and muffins. I know what to concentrate the presentation on, just not sure how to get the ok to show up and deliver my talk.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Cold Calling - -FUN. The first one is the hardest.
                  20 years ago I was an self employed Accountant who wanted to increase my business. I hired a telemarketer
                  to get me new clients. All was going fine until one day he suggested I call out As I said, the first call was
                  the hardest. After that it was more fun to call and get new clients than sit in the office and do taxes.
                  As I understand it, most real estate offices do have these meetings and they are on the lookout for
                  NEW AND INTERESTING SPEAKERS. Your idea of handouts and muffins also is good.
                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    You already have clients right? Start calling them and asking for referrals. Cold calls are are a put it mildly...but as a self employed person that has bills to pay you have to loose the shame and get going. After all they are on the other end of the phone and you are offering a great service.

                    BTW ALWAYS be super nice to the office manager....I always start out with: "HI!!! I am the person who will make this a memorable day for you!!!" (really really works well with hotel and airline reservations people...and these are the toughest ones to crack). Be funny and goes a long way....
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                      DomainDiva Ranger
                      Muffins makes you memorable and if its early enough NOT MONDAY AM..thats when everyone has the morning meeting!!!, muffins may get you a few minutes with a decision maker.
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                    CorpCons08 Ranger
                    Cold Calling is very difficult, and no matter how you look at it you are going to be making a form of cold calling unless you are referred or called directly. I would suggest stopping by these various offices and leaving some material with the office manager. Explain to them briefly (no more than 3 minutes) what it is that you are looking to do and show them your contact information for follow up. Let them call you and ask you in from that point. Yes, this is a form of cold calling but it is more successful than the traditional phone call to a gatekeeper.

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                        LUCKIEST Guide
                        CorpCon, I agree with you except for the part "Let them call you and ask you in from that point"
                        Cold Calling is just that. It is HOT when you are there. It turns cold as soon as you walk out the door.
                        They will NOT call you. They will forget you. They want SALES and have other priorities.
                        Keep a list of the managers you see and keep calling, calling, calling until you get the ok.
                        My option, LUCKIEST.
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                            CorpCons08 Ranger
                            LUCKIEST, You are right that cold calls become cold often when the individual leaves the office. The thing you must remember though, is when making follow up communications do not aggravate. I can remember doing cold calling to many businesses when I first started and I found that often the best technique was as follows.

                            1. Initial Cold Call: Stop in, do your three minute synopsis. Leave contact information and request a business card.

                            2. The one week followup letter: Send a letter thanking them for hearing you out. Let them know you are going to be back in the area and are going to stop in to follow up with any questions they may have at that time. (try to give an exact date and time of your visit)

                            3. During that following week stop in and visit the prospect again (as stated in the letter). See if they had any questions about the product or service you provide. Let them know that after the appointment if they are not ready but show interest that you will be following up for the sale.

                                • Be blunt, dont be afraid to tell them that this is a sales call. They know what sales calls are like, they are most likely knocking on your door stop as well.

                            3. The two week proposal: Call the prospect and inform them of your interest in setting up the sales meeting. This is where you try to close on the deal. If the call remains cold, at this point you are going to move on with your warmer leads.

                            Do not get rid of cold leads. File them away for a 6mos follow up. Many times they warm up the second time around.

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                          cdybmr Newbie
                          I do not know your market but you have to make sure the realtors listing the properties do not have a management division. You may also want to look at the lender side.

                          I managed properties while in school and handling REO properties for banks was a big part of my business.

                          Real Estate agents are famous for sending letters, e-mails, postcards etc. to get people to list properties with them. Do the same thing. Do not stop calling them and show them how by working with you they will benifit.

                          Goood Luck!
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                            Lighthouse24 Ranger

                            I see this question is already answered, but will offer the following addition: In this situation, I'd consider building a narrated PowerPoint version of your proposal/presentation, convert it to a web media format (like Flash, Quicktime, or .wmv), and place it on a CD/DVD and on a website. Then you could send the pitch out to them as an e-mail attachment or link, or as a media mailer. You could use your cold calls or even cell phone text messages to invite them to view your pitch individually at THEIR convenience, and THEN seek an actual meeting to follow-up.

                            The advantage of this approach is it saves time and effort. If they grant the meeting, you already know they are somewhat interested and at least partially "educated" -- so you can focus more on selling yourself and your specific service. Otherwise, when you get a meeting, you'll spend a considerable amount of valuable and limited "face time" explaining what your service is (and why they should care) -- and will likely have to try to get a second meeting to follow-up and close the deal.

                            This may be a little late, but hope it helps.
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                              aallc01 Wayfarer
                              My concern with your idea is going to the office manager. He/ She may not fully understand your value proposition or how you can help their company. Your call needs to go into the owner or controller. Sell high on this one and state your proposal in two minutes or less over the phone. Also, it helps if you have references you can present.
                              Sometimes sending a short email to the right person is better then a call.
                              As far as the presentation, keep it concise. People are presentation to death. Talk more than present material. People will listen better and instead of trying to read ahead on your slides.
                              I can help you with your value proposition and approach if you like.