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    Common Mistakes in Online Business

    kirksmith8888 Newbie
      I've read this very informative blog which talks about some common mistakes in doing online business. Hope this helps!

      I'd appreciate if you will share to me your thoughts after reading it!

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          NatOnline Tracker
          Common Mistakes from Online Business owners are not focusing enough on how to be known on internet.

          You have a pretty website, good products but you lack of traffic.

          1) Mistake from the online stores is to find quality traffic, (people interested in your products). For that you have to find the specific spots: For example I am selling some bath and body products, I will try to find high traffic sites like bath and body or skin care mom's sites, green sites, natural products sites etc... If I submit my site on general sites, I will have a tiny chance to sell, not as much as a special niche related to my busniness.

          2) Buying too much stock without knowing how popular the products are.

          3) Not targeting the keywords that convert into sales

          4) If you outsource some work for your business, be sure to learn as much as you can before giving jobs to do.

          5) Put yourself in the customers shoes and ask yourself what you would like to buy or to learn from the products that will decide you to buy.

          6) Be patient, test, and earn the trust of your customers and the search engines

          Good luck