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    Finding JV/Private Equity For Real Estate Projects

    JETConstr. Newbie
      I am a residental real estate developer, and have two projects at different stages currently in progress. I have owned the properties for roughtly 5 years, and have recently been offered a tremendous pay off discount from my bank. They are discounting my loan balances to below the liquidation values on the properties.

      The bank has been hit hard by these types of commercial loans and are aggressively trying to clean up their balance sheet, thus the reason for this opportunity.

      I have begun to look into the private equity, joint venture, and alternative financing market, however; this is the first time I have had to look in this direction, as my financing has gone through my bank for the last 10 years.

      If anybody that knows a good network or source to reach reputable alternative funding sources, I would appreciate your feedback.