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    Adding new products

    NatOnline Tracker
      I am thinking about adding more products to my e-commerce, What type of products would you recommend? For example, I would like to add tanning/sunscreen products in time for summer. What do you think of this? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for your input.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Adding new products is what business is all about. Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??

          You can get a lot of FREE info from SCORE online.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Biz Online Adventurer
            Hi NatOnline,
            Certainly you would want sunscreen for the summer months. Also, you do a lot of reselling of products on your site. I would suggest finding a manufacturer and doing private label products. This way, you will greatly improve your margins, and won't be competing with all the others selling the same brand. Skin care is one of the most competitive environments on the web, and you have already defined your niche by using "natural elements", so stick with this.

            Dress up nice, take your wife, and go to Macy's, Nieman Marcus, and other higher end stores. Shop the skin care area, see what they are pushing, and then have the product made for you and sell it for less than they do! You may even think about and purchase a few of the products that are naturally-based, and have them reverse engineered at a lotion manufacturer.

            Best of luck!
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                NatOnline Tracker
                Hello Cliff,

                Private labels mean higher quantity to buy from some vendors, with some others it is impossible.

                Manufacturers will make products with a minimun of 500 units for each products, so we are talking about 100,000 units as we are selling more 200 products on our site. I really cannot afford a stock of $500,000 lol

                We are a small business :-)
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                CorpCons08 Ranger
                I honestly had a lot of fun browsing through your products. Your prices are competitive for specialty natural products. :)
                I was picking through and saying "oooh this would be perfect for..."
                I would like to see some men's colognes if they make anything like that. You have women's perfumes but nothing for men.
                I am also intrigued to see what products you do have for sun screens and tanning lotions. People always go to Hawaii and have a beautiful tan.
                I work out in the sun for hours and my tan is "eh." LOL!

                Best wishes my friend, hope that helped,

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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  NatOnline, some Hawaiian bath products you might consider are Cane Sugar Scrub, Coconut Bath Soak, and Volcanic Foot Scrub (the brand name of the ones I'm familiar with is "Ola" if that helps).
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                      NatOnline Tracker
                      Lighthouse24 thanks for the input,

                      Well some bath products don't sell very well, like bath salt you mentionned as Coconut bath soak. I am afraid that the accessories like volcanic foot scrub etc... will be the same. The bath salts are not very popular and took me a year to sell.

                      I know Ola just by name and by ranking on search engines, one of our competitors ;-).

                      This is the time for us to evaluate which products we want to discontinue, and products we want to keep selling.

                      I think we will try to sell this summer some Tan lotions, after sun etc... extend the line in Kukui (creme scented and unscented) discontinued the oils but not the massage oils, etc... basically to reorganize all the products
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                      nwe6233 Wayfarer
                      Adding products to your website is a sure sign your starting to see customers, and its also great to do seasonal items as well. May I suggest an idea? I looked at your site and it was easy to navigate and stocked with plenty of products, and has competitive prices. Adding more products may not be the answer your looking for, see if you cloud your site with too many products consumers will get bored before they get to the product they are looking for to buy. Let me try to explain: If you got lets say sunscreen that you want to add as a summer item I would suggest not putting it directly on your site. I would place it as a bonus with other products that are related like spf15 lipbalm with 45% off of sunscreen if you buy the two together. That way its not technically added to your site and you can change with the seasons without having to change your site everytime. All you would have to add is another picture and different pricing. Its a marketing tool to drive sales when you need them but without adding extra downtime fixing your website. If you would like me to explain a little more in detail feel free to email me

                      Hope this helps,
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                        SolomonRK Newbie
                        What have your customers been asking for? Long term, you should consider using Facebook or Twitter to create and nurture ongoing relationships with your customers. Listening to them will tell you what new products you should carry.