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    How do you get people to talk about your product of service?

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      Have you ever read Mark Hughes book Buzzmarketing: Get People to Talk About Your Stuff? The author lays out his principles of buzz marketing, offering a list of dos and don'ts, plus numerous examples of businesses that outshined competitors by creating buzz. He advocates getting the attention of people who can spread the information about your product.


      Have you ever started a buzz about your product or service? How did you do it? Did it have results?


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          visuals4u Adventurer
          Ask them to write a short testimonial that you can then place on your website or in your press release.

          Offer a family & friends promotion similar to BOGO.

          Ask members of your social network or online group to review your website and post their opinions about how you can improve it.

          Ask your best customers to enter your information onto a site that's popular for customer reviews, like Yelp, Amazon, Epinions, Google Maps, etc.


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            There is a show on TV called Pitchmen. I think it's on Discovery Channel. These 2 men, Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, are legends of promotion. You can learn an enormous amount from watching them. The show on the grater plater gives valuable insight into customer behaviour on a number of levels since it's a competition on who can sell more.

            One of the points they make in this show, something we all need to remember when marketing, is that it's not what is the same about us that causes people buy from us (or talk about us), it's what's different that tips the scale. There is a balance between telling people what you can do for them in terms they can easily relate to and sounding the same as everyone else.

            Do the unexpected, highlight how what you have or do fills a customer want or need that the other guys don't. In a pinch you can always do something silly or amusing. Whatever you do DON"T BORE THEM and don't be invisible.

            There are an infinite number of promotions with charities you can get involved in, and/or ideas/events/advertising you can change slightly to fit your circumstance, that will get people talking about you.

            It would be ideal if people were talking about your product or service but even if they talk about you its a good start to being in prospective customers' radar.


            Unfortunately Billy Mays died earlier this year so once the current run of shows is done, even if they continue to shoot, Billy Mays won't be there.

            Good luck!

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              Hello LaComunidad,

              One of the absolute best ways to get people to talk about your product or service is
              through word of mouth advertising, a.k.a "referrals."

              Because a referral is nothing more than a personal recommendation.

              Don't you tend to trust a recommendation made by a good friend or family member?

              Word of mouth is the absolute most effective way to get the best buyers in front of your
              products, because they are more likely to purchase...


              Because they trust the person that made them aware of that product, which means they
              have a lower barrier of defense up, and will usually have their money in hand ready to purchase.

              A client that refers business to you is a satisfied customer, and will continue being a walking and talking billboard for your products/services...

              This will create a viral tidal wave of new business for you.

              Referral Marketing can be applied to the Internet with massive results...

              The Internet is just another medium to apply Referral Marketing, but despite the medium used, it still all boils down to the CORE, having hundreds and thousands of people telling their friends, family, and even strangers about your products, period!

              The Internet truly is your "Godsend" with the multiple ways to promote.

              You can use Article Marketing, Twitter, Viral Reports, Viral Software, Affiliate Programs, Blog Marketing, and the list stretches to infinity.

              I hope this helps...
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