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    Website Package recommendations?

    SoCalbiz Newbie
      Few years in website/server design/development & security so familiar w/TechTalk.

      Am currently using ecommercetemplates platform and need to expand -but still want to keep it simple. Ebay PowerSeller paying them over $36,000/year in fees. Not good. Need a site that hooks up with merchant services, FedEx, UPS, USPS, inventory management, dropships, CRM, MAYBE ebay (anybody had any experience with ProStores or Yahoo Merchant?) and of course Quickbooks with possible integration with BofA's Online Business Suite (anyone know if this seamlessly adapts?)

      Don't mind hosted as long as limit on fees. Less than 1,000/MAX products in less than 24 categories.

      Don't want to have to re-design a website ever. More interested in sales revenue...

      Any suggestions/ideas appreciated!

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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Contact Larry at GoldRush worldwide access. They may be able to help you integrate all this.

          As far as QB & BofA app there are 'issues'.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            I Do NOT use ProStores or Yahoo Merchant, but you can get info on each by googling them.
            There was a recent post about Quickbooks and Bof A. Will look for it and get back to you.
            I am a quickbooks consultant and like your statement that you are more interested in sales revenue.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              BarryHurd Wayfarer
              If you have successfully developed an Ebay business, I would recommend that you look both at the way Ebay is driving return visitors and how the organic traffic is affecting your business. I anaylyze a lot of social media trends online such as Ebay, and there are probably some portions of that process that you want to mimic in a new site.

              I would be happy to chat via e-mail/phone and point you to any relevant vendors I am familiar with. Depending on the audience you are dealing with and the product, looking at integration with other sites may be the best way to grow revenue and minimize the amount going out to Ebay.

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                Anindianspice Newbie
                I think you must opt an Indian Company with a lot of experince in handling web based projects.


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                  bizbuddy Newbie
                  Best for you would be to buy your own dedicated server which would cost you almost $100-$150 per month. When you have your own dedicated server things are in you control. You can transfer your existing website to this new server. If needed, you can hire a server administrator and a programmer for couple of months which would cost additional about $10K or so onetime for next 3-4 months. Once your site is all setup on new server you need not pay recurring $36000 per year which is certainly a huge amount. Only recurring expense will be your server fees which would be less than $2K per annum even if you go for assisted hosting plans. I prefer to go with dedicated hosting as it offers you flexibility and full control on your websites. I've my servers with for last more than 3 years and luckily no issues so far.
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