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    Projected startup costs?

    dexter0889 Wayfarer
      I supposed to come up with all of these projected startup costs and things such as POS systems and all.
      But there is so much to think of and even then i have to find the cost of each of item.

      I guess my biggest questions if how to find out what the price of a pos system adn credit acceptance system would cost for a small retail business.

      I have talked to a few local retailers who have started their own business that just use a cash register they bought from Sam's Club.
      But I think that would be rather innefiecent and would make inventory a huge mess.

      Any suggestions of where I can go or personal experiences with dealing with projected startup costs?
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          Ms_Boss Adventurer
          What products are you selling? There may be other options depending on whether you will obtain online purchases, offline pruchases or both.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Projected startup costs

            *Do you know about
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you.

              SCORE definition of writing a business plan. "Preparing a Bus Plan forces you to think through every aspect of your business. The Plan serves as an assessment tool to you"

              Let me know if I can help you. Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                swimdiva Newbie

                I own a high end swim and cruise wear boutique. I run my business off of a MAC and use POSIM as our POS. ( Our total package which they put together for us and packaged priced brand new was just over $7,000. Included our cumputer (Had to have the best one on the market at the time...), POS software, CC swiper and merchant accounts, barcode scanner, barcode printer, and thermal reciept printer.

                POSIM might be more then you need - it has extensive inventory abilities and great customer tracking. I bought it because after 14 years of working with Retail Pro and the like, and I wanted something easy - point and click. I have not had one issue in 4 years and manage over 8,000 different sku's each year and 3,000 clients. Generally it takes my employees 2 training sessions to learn the register, check-out process and reporting features. Opening and Closing is a one step breeze and takes about 1 minute to complete.

                Think about what your selling, how many people will work at a time (time investment in training), how many different skus do you need (do you want different sku numbers for each size), how will you track your customers (do you want to have each invoice attached to the customer profile for future marketing possibilities?), and the check-out experience you want to give your customers (last impression). Make sure whatever system you decide on is import compatible for your accounting choice. (We use MYOB) Some other systems may be cheaper - but I am a believer in you get what you pay for.
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                  AshokR Newbie
                  If you are on a budget (Hey, which start-up isn't!), you can consider an open source POS system. Take a look at OpenBravo POS:

                  The software can be downloaded free. However, you do need to budget for installation, training and support costs.
                  you are technically inclined, you can set it up yourself. Or, find a
                  OpenBravo partner near your location from their partner page:

                  Other users have reported on the OpenBravo forum that they are using an ordinary office PC with a USB bar code scanner.

                  course, as swimdiva recommended, check first whether it is compatible
                  with your accounting software. If you decide to go with their partner,
                  ask them how to make it work with your accounting software.
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                    phanio Pioneer
                    I would suggest you try a web search. There are also some well known companies that provide POS with their other software packages - try

                    Business Money Today
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                      Bridge Navigator
                      Please provide a little more info.

                      How many skus do you intend to carry?
                      Any idea on the number of customers?
                      Retail or wholesale?
                      Do you want to accept credit cards?
                      Will you be selling on the web also?

                      The more info. you can provide, the better response you will be able to get.

                      Best of luck!
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                          Lexy87 Newbie
                          For a POS system it eally depends on what you need. If you are starting from scratch you might be looking at $5000 plus. It all depends on if you need scanner,software, pin pads and such. My recommendation is to do your research!! Contact various suppliers and get some quotes. Start up costs will vary as different businesses have different needs. For POS
                          systems I have always had luck with Gemini computers. They fit my needs but they may not fit yours. That's just my personal prefernece, but again do your research.