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    Learn simple ways of making money ($100 in a Day)

    franso Adventurer
      Web design as everyone know is one of the best ways of making money online, There are more than 1 million new websites being hosted everyday.

      To get a share of your profit, you need to be a a bit creative, Identify people and companies with website needs and make the deal as low as possible.

      Once you have a client, get the cheapest web hosting company and buy web hosting space from them so as to maximize your returns, The cheapest and most relaible web hosting company on the net is ( ) . In addition to it being the cheapest, The company also gives free advertising vouchers worth $100 as follows (Yahoo $25 , Google $25 and MIVA $50 ), This helps new websites to get enough traffic as a way of marketing themselves.

      This is the method i have been using to make money online, To make it a bit interesting, my clients only pay web hosting charges for a simple website but If a client needs more features, we negotiate for an extra fee depending on the complexity of each feature.

      I have been doing this for the past 6 montrhs and i am able to make good income every month.

      You can also succed doing the same.