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    Online Home based income training

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      I am thinking to start a online business about giving training to people who like earn online and trying from long time, Anyone has any idea regarding this kind on business, moslty I have not seen online home based business to be succesful. Share you ideas relatingt orginal oppurtunity not programs like MLM and those who ask for money Forex etc. Thanks
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          Online Home based

          Tell us more. Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info
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            YesYouCan Scout

            You are correct in that most online businesses fail (just as most offline businesses fail). The problem (as I see it) is that most people do not want to spend the time it takes to learn how to do business on the internet. The vast majority of people fall for scams and hype like "you can make $18,724.00 per month, by following this system".

            Doing business on line is simple - have a good product (or find a good one to sell) that is a good value and needed and/or wanted by many people - know 8 or ten ways to attract traffic to your sales site - have a good way to convert visitors to customers (or at least get their address for follow-up (very few buy on the first visit) - have other products you can market to your existing customer base. Problem is that learning these simple things takes time and effort and usually a lot of trial and error. Every product and every market is going to be a little different, so one size fits all instruction is difficult.

            What I can tell you is that there are some good training products for doing business on the internet. Profit Lance and Secret Affiliate Weapon 2 are a couple. Problem is that they are more sold as "Get Rich Quick Programs" rather than educational programs but I can tell you that they both offer great education for those willing to dig it out. There are even some internet Guru's who do indeed know their stuff (Alex Mandossian is one, but his programs are very expensive). They would be your competition however and you would be wise to check them out.

            How do I know this? I too, offer training on how to start your own business, both offline brick and mortar or neighborhood service, and more recently, online businesses. I've had 30 years of Corporate experience in big business, three small businesses, and experience as a Small Business Consultant. From this perspective, I suggest what you are setting out to do can be done, but will not be easy.

            Good luck!
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              Topics and posts with "home based" or something along the lines of starting, funding or buying an "online" or "home based" get a lot of attention and views on the SBOC site. A lot of people are interested in learning how to make money, generate some extra income and even better if they can "do it from home". There are a legitimate businesses you can run from home. And many professional careers that are "virtual" in that you don't have to have an office for customers to come to. But there are a lot of people out there selling nothing more than the "idea of making money online" or from a home based business. That is why I believe when posting questions I think its important to share a little about yourself so that we (the forum participants, and those of us who are fairly active in answering/replying to posts) know more of who you are so we can help you with your questions.

              Especially since your post is a topic that a lot of people will take a look at. As Luckiest said in his reply to your post "please add some more info to your profile" and be more specific with what type of training you plan to sell to people. I'm sure that will help with replies for your question.

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                YesYouCan Scout



                Did you get the info. you were seeking?  I see your post is still "Not Answered"?  I replied earlier and here is another shot - I can set someone up with 3 legitimate business models - Affiliate Marketing of Digital Products, An e-Commerce store (their choise of product), or a library of Digital eBooks for sale - all for less than $50. (most for free) in one day.


                Sound good??  It can be done easily.  BUT not one of them will be profitable without a lot of work (and probably putting most of the profits when they do come, back into the business.


                And, that's the problem - not many people are motivated enough to do the hard work it takes to start a business - from home, or traditional "brick & mortar", and that is why the failure rate is so high (over 90% in home business starts).


                Send me some motivated people with a very BIG WHY and I'll give them the steps to get started - and you can too.  If you want more information contact me through my profile address.