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    Run your own home based business back by a NYSE comapny!

    rycrespi Wayfarer
      When you drive by large homes, see someone wearing a nice watch or jewelry, or driving expensive cars, what is your first
      thought? Is it, "Wow, that must be nice." You might entertain a quick daydream about what it must be like, then you go aboutyour day doing the same things you've always done - at least until the next time you encounter some "lucky" person whobecame wealthy.I used to entertain those daydreams myself, but now I'm actually working towards being that "lucky" person.You know, it's been said that one of the best ways to become wealthy is to find an unmet need, then find a product or servicethat fills that need at both an affordable and profitable price. THAT's the hard part; finding that solution. When deciding onhow I wanted to pursue this dream, I was very selective:First, I wanted to offer a product or service I could stand behind,
      without having to compete with other companies and retailers.In other words, I didn't want to try to meet a need that had already been met (or that could be met with a trip to the localdiscount store). There are opportunities available to sell almost anything; vitamins and health supplements, make-up, longdistance services, even jewelery. The market for those types of products/services is incredibly small since most people havealready found a solution or supplier they're happy with. Those opportunities require a skilled salesperson to persuade someoneto switch from an already trusted solution to the new product.Second, I also wanted an opportunity that would give me a high expectation of earning income and pay me on a regular basis,without having to purchase a bunch of inventory to store in my garage. What a hassle!I found what I believe is the perfect opportunity. Let me tell you a little about what I'm doing.I work from home. Essentially I send out information, make calls,
      and talk with people about the information I send. The informationhighlights a service available to anyone who can't afford to hire lawyers when they need them. (You can't get that atWal-Mart or Costco!) The work is a little more detailed than that of course, but not much - and it's easy to learn.What makes me even more excited about this is that it's giving me a lot of freedom I wouldn't have otherwise. Even better, itdoesn't take much money and only takes a few hours each week to get this business started.The company I'm working with is a New York Stock Exchange listedcompany (symbol PPD), and they've been in this business for more than thirty-five years.They have so many endorsements and recommendations from well-knownpeople and organizations such as Forbes, Fortune, CNN, WSJ, USA Today, and more!. It's impressive!Maybe the best thing about this is that I'm in the business of meeting a need with a service that gives more value than the cashrequired to purchase it! What does that mean? Well, if the value received is greater than the cost to purchase, how hard do Ihave to work to "sell" it? It's nice not to have to be a high pressure persuasive salesperson AND still have an unlimited incomepotential! I get to share this product/service with others and reap the benefits when they purchase.If this sounds at all interesting to you please get in contact me
      so I can share more information, or visit one of my sites listed below!

      Ryan Crespiryancrespi@prepaidlegal.com (if you visit this site, watch the video titled "THE OPPORTUNITY")