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    I'd like to share this.. your opinion is highly appreciated!

    sambuff33 Newbie
      Hi everyone,

      I think this information must be shared to everybody specially for us who own small business who aims to make the company bigger someday. This might give us idea increase our revenue in online marketing.

      kindly post your opinion or ideas about this "so called" CHAT REVOLUTION... I'm kinda interested with this to assist my online cutomers.

      aim for more income!!

      best regards,

        • Re: I'd like to share this.. your opinion is highly apprecia
          sMarshall Newbie
          Could you repost the link? It looks like the url was truncated...


          In regards to using chat to bolster marketing efforts, I can tell you that one of our clients has seen a lot of benefit from it. They are a university in San Diego, and allow prospective students to chat live with an admissions counselor on the site. It's turned a casual website visitor into a solid sales lead on multiple occasions.

          It seems like any type of interactivity is a unique advantage to the internet. Is there anyone else using this?