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    We Did It!!!

    DomainDiva Ranger
      Three years ago we received our first round of funding, last year our second. Our aircraft records inventory workbooks are ready to go. We have tested over 2000 workbooks and our final one, the workbook that calculates three engine thrusts for life limited parts is a success. We have taken a crazy problem and solved it beautifully.

      Our workbooks are kept in virtual 'online' records boxes and users may select the 'on their server' option which lets them hyper-link compliance documents to the line item in the workbook, or the user can just use the SaaS option.

      The workbooks are structured in airframe, gear, apu, non prorated thrust engine and pro rated thrust engine. The application is visually managed, no search, just go and get your information from your virtual online box. All of the business rules are programmed in for figuring hours, cycles and days as needed by the user in each workbook. No more calculators!

      Workbooks are priced as follows and contain:
      Airframe 2300.00 per serial number (or registration) per year contains:
      Data sheet to enter hours and cycles
      Inventory sheet to record repeat inspections, inspection intervals, components etc
      Aiframe AD sheet
      Appliance AD sheet
      Equipment List to list all avionics
      Specification Sheet to list all information about your aircraft and status in opne place

      APU Workbook 500.00 per serial number per year
      Data sheet to enter hours and cycles, this sheet will also calculate an APU Pro rate as well
      Life limited part sheet that calculates according to the pro rate users have input
      APU AD sheet
      APU Inventory sheet to list accessories, inspections etc.

      Gear Workbook 400.00 per serial number per year
      This workbook will correspond with the 737-100 thru 500 series, 747 nose gear, 757, 767 and various large Douglas and Airbus aircraft
      Data sheet to record hours and cyles
      Life limited sheet to track the gear status and life limits of components

      Engine workbook(s) 1100.00 per serial number per year
      Data sheet to record hours and cycles
      Life limited part inventory
      AD sheet
      Inventory sheet to record shop visits, unscheduled/scheduled removals, accessories, QEC etc.

      We have taken something that most software companies complicate to the nth degree and simplified it. pass this info to anyone you may know who has an aircraft. Workbooks are sold individually so an owner/operator only purchases the workbooks that they need for their aircraft. Own a small aircraft? Then all you would purchase is the airframe book.

      Inquiries may be made to:

      Caveat: Our informational website is NOT the website that hosts the application. Please do not contact me or Mr. Como about redesigining our site, the application is on another protocol. Mr. Como has the means to show a client online and in real time what the system will do.