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    Small Business & SBA Loan Settlement

    JasonTees Wayfarer
      Is your business on the verge of failure? Have you been turned down for a deferment by your lender? If either of these are true, now is the time to begin thinking about how you are going to deal with the mountain of debt you undoubtedly have. Just because your business is in trouble doesn't mean the end of the world. There ARE ways to effectively deal with your debt. Banks understand that you can't squeeze blood from a stone, which is why many of them are willing to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar. This is particularly true when it comes to SBA loans. The SBA even has a formal process in place (called an Offer In Compromise) whereby you can settle your debt while keeping your home, and avoiding bankruptcy. You do NOT need to run and hide.

      If your business needs help, Distressed Loan Advisors can work with you to negotiate your debt with your lender. Consultations are free, and we never charge and up-front fee.

      Please visit for more info.