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    Signs for your car or truck

    GabesGraphix Newbie
      Advertising, If you've ever filled out a Schedule C you know that is the first deduction on the form. Any money spent on advertising is a tax write off.

      Now, think about NASCAR, sure a lot of people think of it as a Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks, and that might be true. But look at the cars running around the track. Lets look at #48 Lowe's Jimmy Johnson. Lowes probably spends close to a million bucks a year sponsoring that car.
      Why? Does Lowes really care about fast cars ? Nope. They do it because its Advertising. They use Jimmy Johnson and his #48 in ads all over their store and in pint and other media.

      Think about commerical vans you see in your town, Roto Rooter comes to mind. All of their trucks have got advertising all over them, because that van is advertising 24 hrs a day. Whether its going down the road or parked in the yard.

      There is an old Chinese saying " A business with no sign, is a sign of no business" Its quite true.

      If you wanted a sign on your car or truck, I make them. Anything you want, any size you want.

      I've got signs on my car and truck, and I take the cost of both off of my taxes for Advertising.

      Other than that, word of mouth is probably the main way I advertise.