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    Investors Needed for Magazine Start-Up

    amberf Newbie
      I am a recent graduate from one of the best Journalism schools in the world, and I can't remember a time when my ultimate career aspiration wasn't to start my own magazine. And even though I have jumped at every opportunity in the past five years (numerous unpaid internships, writer's workshops, networking, etc.) that I thought might possibly help me to do so after I graduated, I have yet to receive a response from the seventy-some cover letters I have sent out since my graduation due to the jobless job market. Witnessing magazine after magazine fold this past year because of the market pained me because writing is an art--an art that is dying. Magazines don't only offer how-to articles or fashion advice; they capture an essence of a time and establish cultural identities. I want to help revive the magazine industry, and offer newsstands a publication that is representative of the twenty-somethings of today. I graduated with some of the most talented, capable and innovative people who are the best at what they do whether it be writing, editing or graphic design, and they are either currently being exploited by companies as unpaid interns or being forced to consider other career avenues--jobs at which they are less qualified for and far less passionate about. I could assemble an editorial team today that could throw together a relevant, smart and compelling publication by tomorrow. I simply need the funds to do so. Please feel free to email me with any and all inquiries at Your time and consideration is sincerely appreciated.