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    Is flash bad for SEO

    owenmatt Wayfarer
      Is having Flash on the website bad for SEO?
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          shishirb Adventurer
          It's true that flash can't be indexed by search engines although google is working on it. You can get around it by creating text/xml files for your flash site. But we usually recommend going for a non-flash solution for a content heavy site.

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            RedTieMedia Adventurer
            shishirb is correct on the statement made. Search engines have a hard time indexing the website when it is all done in flash. However it is not "bad" for SEO but it is not good either.
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              Hymesdesign Adventurer
              If your not a web designer or animator or some other specifically creative person, then I'd say it's just easier to not use flash, easier, and cheaper. Flash makes your site visually stimulating, there's no that denying but if you're trying to sell air conditioners you probably don't need a flash site.
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                  wordperfect Scout

                  Hello, I am curious about this also .I don't know anything much about flash.


                  I fall into the "not a..... " category you mentioned, I am an enthusiastic HTML and CSS designer, for fun and my own use, not a living.


                  But i wanted to question your last statement.


                  Ok, I don't sell Air con so I am not taking umbrage or trying to get an arguement, it is easy to get misunderstood here, I am just simply curious why you would say that.


                  Or maybe put another way, what is it about selling air cons, or washing machines etc is it that flash doesn't benefit?


                  I mean, they are quite boring, mundane things, I would have thought something different or Flash would be an "edge," making it visually stimulating.


                  What sort of business or merchandise do you think flash would be useful on?


                  And why?


                  Again, it is a genuine question, I am not trying to wind you up or put you down, I am interested in your thoughts.


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                      Hymesdesign Adventurer
                      I don't mind being questioned but all I'm saying is flash is just that flashy, sure you could take a flashy angle on washing machines, there's probably some company online that does somewhere, but why build a whole page in flash, which is what I mean when I say flash website, a flash header/banners are always a good idea in my opinion, flash is in point of fact at this point in time harder to SEO, yes there are work arounds like the above mention, but they really are just that work based upon that what I'm saying is if you are selling air conditioners, then getting people to your site to buy them is more important than having people go, "Oh, wow this company has a nice website." Where as if you are selling "websites" in your home town area then you might prefer to have a flashier site that you will have to work harder to SEO. If you don't agree that's fine, it's my opinion, and I don't even know if everyone else in my company shares it, I just know that's what I think. There is no denying that flash takes more effort to SEO, say what you will word it how you want to, but in order to get a flash site to number one in a keyword you have to do more work than to get a straight HTML page up there...I feel like I'm rambling and repeating myself though so I'm done with my point.