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    Started up a Pet Sitting Business

    bootsbuddies Newbie
      I just started up a homebased Pet Sitting Business and need a little guidance. I am in Augusta, GA and getting started is a little taxing. Thanks for any help!
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          lynny05 Wayfarer
          Congratulations on starting your own business! I also work from home and am glad I can do something that helps others. What exactly would you like help with? I am in the advertising aspect - creating websites for smaller businesses and also advertising them online. If you are interested in getting the word out about your business a website is a great thing! Every business - even small home businesses - can benefit from a website. Ours are kept low-cost especially for smaller businesses so feel free to check us out! We also offer low cost advertising - online in the classifieds - and businesses seem to like how it works as well as the affordable pricing. Hope this helps a little!


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            BizOptimizer Adventurer
            Not sure what you need, but know there are some low cost franchises/pet sitting networks you can join to get business assistance and marketing (they already have the web pages and marketing (800 numbers and websites) that you can benefit from. Depends on what you are looking for, but your question is broad brush so I tried to give you a broad brush answer. Good luck!

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              I agree with the other two replies, here - "what help do you need?" There are so many different aspects to launching a business.


              The first two steps that I recommend that you take is to define your unique value proposition (what market are you serving and what do you offer that uniquely resolves the problems for your market and creates benefits for them, as well).


              Once you have your UVP, you need to create a business plan. The following factors will dictate whether you can create a plan based upon a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) with goals or a formal plan for securing funding:


              1. The complexity of your business
              2. The amount of funds needed to carry the business until it reaches profitability
              3. The source of the funds
              4. The extent of damages you will incur if your business fails


              If you need help creating a business plan, I have a free page on my site. Here's the link to my page:




              I include other information as to research that you need to consider and actionable steps to getting your business off the ground. But, to get better help, please come back and define specifically what help you require. There are plenty of talented people here willing to help.


              All the Best,


              Doug Dolan


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                MSIMarketing Wayfarer
                We have a great fit! First of all I have a client that has a petsitting software called Bluewave. It helps with all your accounting and repetitive billing. second of all You can place a craigslist ad offering $100 in groceries when someone signs up for your service. Email me and I will send you a PowerPoint.