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    boutique bakery start up....

    claire.belle Newbie
      Hello to all,

      I stumbled upon this forum while reading about small business plans. I have long wanted to open a boutique bakery....and have the background to do so. In fact, the clients and customer base is already there... and everyone who baked for (while a baker, chef, catering... or just friends and family) urge me to do this. I have a company name and name for the baked products... written my mission and other considerations. Having been in the industry, I know costs and regulations and other needs for the line... and knowing all that is overwhelming. I feel so alone in this venture and really do not know much about the business side of things. The biggest part missing right now is the money to make this happen. Food business is the most expensive in my opinion because of all the costs that go in before a profitable amount of product can be produced.

      ANY advice on if I need to write a concise business plan or how to go about finding funds.... would be VERY appreciated.

      Thank you!
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          banshee Wayfarer
          Go to the Library and look for books on Business Plans, they will give you the structure that you need to be able to write your own. I would not tell any potential investor that you don't know anything about business, you may scare them off from investing. You know enough about business to know you need a plan, you know the costs, you know the market/product side of things and such. So don't sell yourself short on what you know about business.<!--Session data-->