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    My online business ,how can I drive more people to it!

    shandalin Newbie
      Hi and Happy Holidays,I have an online business that gets alot of hits ,but not much in sales,not sure if I am not doing enough or not.Can anyone suggest any other ideas that I may not of thought of?

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          MRKbiz Newbie

          there are a couple of points that you could do better:

          -put an offer on your home page
          -make the page head smaller and show more content
          -let people pay with credit card
          -clicking an item should not open a new window, but be shown in a fram
          -offer combinations of items. That's a way of making a client buying one additional item

          I hope it helps


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Hi, Welcome and Happy Holidays. I did visit your website, the {size:4}main item which is your candles and
            your three daughters.
            How long have you been in business?? Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
            Do you have an Accountant?? The more you share with us, the better we can suggest.
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              CorpCons08 Ranger
              I think I read another post by you on here.
              Anyway...You may really spark some sales if you have a special offer on there.
              Maybe a "buy 2 get 1 free" type of idea or some kind of special holiday promotion.
              You also need to put more content on the home page for people to view.
              Other than that, perhaps look at some advertising strategies like Google Adwords.
              We have many SEO's on here that could help you with that.

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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                I clicked on the CANDLES nav button and immediately got 13 pop-up ads. I would not have browsed any further as a shopper, so if your conversion rate (sale/hit) seems low, that could be one reason.
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                  Biz Online Adventurer
                  Got traffic? No sales? You need a conversion makeover.
                  First, your opening sentence should not be about you, it should be about your customer. Put your paragraph on an About Us page, showing What you do, Why you do it, and Why you are different than the other 3,000,000 websites that sell candles, braclets, etc.

                  Page one should show a graphic catalog of the products you sell, not just links on the left.

                  The candles link is a redirect to a candle company. Either sell your own, or drop the link, or tell people they are about to go to another website (so don't make it your very first link on the page!)

                  When clicking Add to Cart, it goes directly to PayPal. I then clicked Continue Shopping at PayPal, and the link doesn't work! What if I want to buy something else? Get this fixed asap.

                  Any time you show a Add to Cart on a page, you should use "Points of Reassurance" on the page, like the PayPal logo, a secure transaction logo, a testimonial or two, your returns policy, your guarantees, etc. All of these add trust, and let the shopper know you mean it.

                  On each product, the link on the graphic should include more information about the product, and put a text link under the graphic that says "More Information." "This bracelet is a one of a kind, hand made from seashells found in Antartica in the dark during the polar winter." That's a bit much, but you get the picture! Have the new window open as a smaller window, not a full size, new page link.

                  Already mentioned in another post, get set up to accept credit cards. Try Yahoo Shopping Cart.

                  Ever wonder why you see product on the pricing on the internet like this: Regular $12.99, Now $9.99, with a line drawn through the $12.99, and the $9.99 in RED? Shopping online is still shopping, and people like a sale. Do you really think every retailer is marking down the price? No. They are using promotional pricing, but they still protect their net margin. So your mark down price should be an acceptable gross margin!

                  I can't say enough about free shipping!

                  So here's the checklist:
                  Plan to convert every visitor
                  Structure your web pages to make it easy to go to the next step
                  Create Momentum - goes with correct Structure
                  Communicate product information, materials, quality, where made, etc.
                  Create Value: Why is this such a great deal?
                  Delight ever single customer!

                  Good luck!

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                    NatOnline Tracker
                    Hello Shandalin and welcome to this forum.

                    My first question is: what do you mean by a lot of hits? The main indication of traffic from your site are unique visitors.

                    Like Biz Online mentionned, on your left menu some categories are redirects (this is not good, because you give away some visitors to these sites, and people will not stay on yours). Some visitors will never check the other categories of your site too.

                    I see some other problems:

                    1) On this page you promote advertising, if is pay advertising you will have some trouble with Google if is considered as pay links.

                    2) I dont see link exchange on this page but rather banners exchange which will give you nothing in optimization for two reasons: a) There are no alt images, b) no descriptions under each banners

                    I don't want to be rude, but there are no way to contact you, there is no policy, there is no way to know how you will ship the items, no SSL, no mode of payments, anyway you should rework your site to give confidence to your customers, and get trusted by search engines.

                    I hope to help
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                      CARPAYDIEM Wayfarer

                      Very simple Post a You Tube commercial it's free it's safe also you can send the URL link through email or even add it to your Business card as long as the URL is simple if not stick to sending Via email or Blog post such as this one and others not spaming but whenever you talk about your Business.


                      DID IT WORK FOR ME


                      Yes, the advertising worked out great however slow for the first two or three days but the same as pay per click or search engine sites you have to be creative with the title of your commercial what I learned was the youtube videos with the most views was music videos and any thing pertaining to the elections these type videos pulled in 400,000 - 2.5 million in views so incorporating your product or service within a general theme of ether would drastically change your site or business traffic. I found that with a little investigative work you can even identify your target market- by understanding what kind of demographic your trying to reach you can easily identify that sector or group by the type of video you post Example 1: You have a site dedicated to selling enhanced car parts such as spoilers or any thing automotive -you would post your video title under fast cars or custom cars, shore to reach the car enthusiast that surf the net. Example 2: You have a site dedicated to selling T-shirts about the election you would name the video after the candidates or something controversial even include a snippet from a latest debate ( Please be advised I don't advocate Plagiarism or theft of intellectual property, however most videos posted on youtube utilize actual video from real events- most posted videos even site the origin to safe guard them selves) you can also feel safe in the fact that youtube regularly monitor the videos submitted and anything against their regulations or policy is rejected.
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                        wisgoo Wayfarer
                        What could
                        be happening, is that the pay per click do not guarantee you, that you will
                        have potential customers, that will call you to buy, or have an inquiry about
                        the candles or jewelry that you sell. Like
                        you provide your business online the best thing you should do is PROMOTE it on
                        the internet, in that way you can have those potential customers that will call
                        you and buy or just people that shop online.
                        I'm part of Google so if you need advice about advertising and those
                        things certainly I can help you with my company or with others.

                        Unlike any
                        other advertising, Google placement is the most aggressive method of advertising. As you are, people go and search for products and services on the
                        web. So they go and search for candles or jewelry and other products that you offering.
                        Now if user doing the search and no seeing you on the first page, they simply
                        go to the competition. In our case we put you guaranteed on the main page of
                        and this means user search for your product, we show your website on the first
                        page, user clicks and visits your website and as a result he buys, ask question
                        or sending any other inquiry to you. So we (Google) convert users to the

                        That´s how simple it is. To build website is absolutely not efficient to do
                        online business, you DO NEED TO PROMOTE your website. Internet advertising cost
                        close to nothing to compare to usual advertising sources.

                        Any other
                        concern send me an email
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                          dlk1969 Newbie
                          All of the advice that people have given is great. I am working on building a site for my home based business through a company called Site Build It. They take you through the complete steps of how to build a site and then monetize it in different ways. Here is a web address for a site built through SBI and if I am not mistaken this person is in a similar or the same business as you are. If you want to know more about SBI click on the link at the bottom of the page that says powered by site build it.