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    NYC LLC- Help for getting certificate of publication

    tumberi Newbie

      I'm considering to start a LLC business from my apartment in Manhattan. I incorporated a LLC in Delaware and would incorporate a Foreign LLC in NYC.

      I have learned that I need to acquire certificate of publication for a LLC in NYS.

      I know a lot of entrepreneurs use a lawyer for that process paying around $1000-1300 for Manhattan. Unfortunately, for a foreign LLC usually that cost is 50% more: around $1700.

      I do not understand why it would cost so much more for a foreign LLC. So I would rather try to acquire by myself to learn and for experience.

      I would like to get some advices from someone who already went through the process. Is it really that complicated? Is it hard to comply with the state requirement when publishing the ads?

      If it's too complicated and there's a chance of mistake while doing myself, I would rather pay the fee. But if it's doable, I'm ready to study and do it myself.

      I would appreciate any of your help.

      Thank you.