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    Starting A New Business & Growing An Existing Business (Here's The Help You Need!)

    thesmartguys Newbie
      Hello Everyone!

      My name is Felton Lowery. I own a company called "The Smart Guys Inc", we are a business startup firm. Our purpose for joining the forum is to help people with questions about starting up their own business (the right way) & help existing business(es). Let me give you'll a little information about myself & my organization. I am 29 years old (attorney, computer tech & graphic designer). I have owned & operated 9 different corporations, 5 of which I have sold & 4 I have kept. "The Smart Guys Consulting Company" is compelled of the 4 I kept, business consulting, computer consulting, a marketing firm & a graphic design company.

      I am willing to help anyone with any question they have about the following:

      EIN/FEIN (Federal Tax ID information)
      State Business Registration
      Graphic Design
      Business Funding (each of these situations are different depend the business)
      Computer Related Issues (Which softwares to use of what, ex. Microsoft stuff, Adobe, Quickbooks, etc).

      Please keep in mind I only one person, so if I don't reply immediately, please be patient with me.

      Thank you!