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    international recieving/warehousing

    Henders0n Newbie
      My company, the William C. Huff Company, has been in Naples, Fl now for about 15 years. We have steadily grown into a company whose reputation for handling, storing, and delivering priceless possessions ranging from art work to heirlooms to antiques, is second to none. We have invested millions into a state of the art warehouse, custom vehicles and employee training.

      Recently we have been getting involved with the recieving of overseas containers filled with designers' furnishings for various clients in and around the Naples area. The question has come up that we should be a "recieving destination" for Florida's West coast. It seems to make sense in that as the containers come in from Europe, we could "open and inspect" and warehouse for various designer clients from Naples to North of Tampa. This would circumvent the warehousing in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area and put us in closer proximity to the eventual end user.

      My question is: How do we get the word out to the various entities that would benefit from this? We currently work with designers, architects, and actual homeowners themselves, but they all have found out about us through word of mouth. If there is a demand for our service we actually could increase the size of our operation. We currently have over 35,000 sq ft of air conditioned space, but have a preapproved addition ready to put up of over another 10,000 sq ft.

      It is well known that Florida's West coast is becoming an International destination spot and i believe we could help contribute to the growing needs of these affluent clients.

      I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this comment, but if there are any suggestions i certainly would welcome them.