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    Help Getting Clients!

    ssg123 Newbie

      I have my accounting business up and running, need some advice or tips to advertise and market. How should I go about picking or choosing the right clients? Please help or spread the word...



          lynny05 Wayfarer
          I run a small advertising business that works with smaller and new businesses to get them more exposure. We will advertise your business in the online classifieds at very affordable rates designed to fit smaller budgets (rates start at $14.95/month.) Our other clients have seen fine results and appreciate the low rates. If you'd like to check into it, we are Premiere Ads Online.


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            AnthonyOnaf Newbie
            Hi ssg123,

            You should start a blog on your website. Search answer sites like Yahoo! answers to find out what popular questions people have about accounting and create blog posts which answer these questions. Submit your blog feed to directories, ping your blog, and share your blog with others (forum signature, email signature, etc.). Continue to do this frequently and over time your clients will find you.

            Good luck!
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              Hi ssg123,


              There are many free on-line advertising avenues you may choose, from google to craigslist. The yellow pages is also a powerful tool. A small ad wont really cost you all that much a month. While you are looking at the yellow pages check out your local small businesses and contact them to see if they are satisfied with their accountant. Printing up flyers or mailing post cards is another idea. Join CPA clubs and unions and get to know your competition. See how they started their businesses.  Your business is probably like an architectural business. Most of our clients come from word of mouth. So which ever avenue or combination of avenues you decide to take, one thing is for sure, you need to start a list of references to help procure clients.  Good luck and would like to here back about your success!



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                lance martin Scout

                Hi, ssg123

                i would like to say that moderator melinda suggestion is good for you. Make first step is start a blog on your website. But if you want to choose more authentic way. you should start with flyer or mailing post cards.

                and makes calls,visit in the nearest business places, use you references.


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                  disher18 Scout

                  Hello, SSG123


                  If you are interested i am looking for sponsors for my radio show. We broadcast all over the world since we are an online show. We cant guaranty customers but we can get the word out for your business and get your name out to potential customers.



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                    John Gerry Adventurer

                    Did you find any help? If not let me know. Ill help you with seo for free.

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                      simo Adventurer

                      I would think you need to think local , very local . a facebook fanpage could help . a good google places listing will take care of seo for you for local searchs but for quick results you need to think about more traditional methods such as word of mouth or offer a local charity or church free services .hand pens out to local trades people with your contact details on .

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                        Moderator Berta Guide

                        Hi ssg123,


                        How are things going? You've gotten lots of advice from the community. Please keep us updated.



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                          moneytrack Scout

                          How is your marketing plan going.  The toughest part is getting started.  Make sure you know who your target audience is and hire an expert to reach them.  If you're trying to reach your audience online, find an SEO expert.  Best of luck!


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