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    Merchant Accounts

    NewLookTeam Wayfarer
      What is the best merchant account solution I can add to my web site,

      I already have a paypal business account, is this the best way to go???
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          amspcs Ranger
          No such thing as one-size-fits-all merchant account. The best processing solution for YOU is the one that best fits YOUR circumstances in terms of volume, number of tickets processed, types of card processed, and so on. Feel free to contact me and we'll discuss further.

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            phanio Pioneer
            Shop around - that is the best way to find the best deal for you. Ask your bank - they may have one that will work for you - or ask other similar stores to yours - find out what they use and what they like and dislike. - Remember, volume and transaction size matters.

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                amspcs Ranger
                Pretty good advise from Phanio, except gives credence to one major misconception.
                Generally (not always, but generally) your local bank is the LAST place to look.
                That's because only the big big name bankss are actually in the processing biz. All the rest act
                solely as referrers. So all the unsuspecting merchant has done is add another mouth to feed
                in the pricing chain, actually increasing the price they pay. Better idea: Go directly to ISO yourself
                instead of inserting unnecessary middleman.