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    Worry-free business resources- Hosted Server Solutions Wayfarer
      What information and computer resources are critical to your business? Think about it. Is it whether you use Mac or Windows? Is it the version of your operating system? Probably not. So why should your business carry the burden of owning or maintaining file servers?

      Consider Virtual Office Systems aka VOS™ and get the resources that drive your business at a low, predictable monthly rate that will make your Accountant's jaw drop!

      The computer resources that are critical to most businesses are reliable data file storage, electronic communication, and up-to-date business software. Many businesses struggle with old software, non-standard "open" or "free" programs that interfere with productivity. While they are fumbling around trying to convert a document into their google-app, their competition has already delivered a stunning proposal in the latest version of Microsoft® Office. Having the most efficient business tools is no longer a big budget item. VOS™ provides fully-managed, current software and makes them available securely over the Internet.

      Reliable data file storage is more than just backup. If your computer and backup are gone (Katrina) then what? VOS™ stores your business programs and data in multiple locations at geographically separated data centers. It's what large corporations do; now you can have it too!

      What does wireless synchronization to Blackberry, iPhone and Smartphones mean in the world of business today? It can often mean the difference between winning a deal or learning that you lost it well after the deal was done. Two fundamental principles to consider. Responsiveness and perception. If your email address is aol, yahoo or anything other than your business name- what does that tell a prospect? When the bottom of your email signature includes advertisement from your "free" service provider, or you have to call a prospect to resend a message because it "disappeared", does that build trust and confidence? Real time notification of email via mobile phones sends a message to clients and prospect, "I'm here when you need me." VOS™ is there providing the resources to make it a reality for your business.

      Do you know enough about VOS™? How much does your competition know? There's a reason they say "time is money", and this is something you really should check out. (877) 287-9867 toll free, or