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    What is the best way to Market my e-commerce?

    NatOnline Tracker
      I am wondering what the best way is to market and promote my site.

      I 've got two choices: give away certain products for free with a minimum purchase, or give a percentage discount on the entire order.

      Which would you prefer to get from a e-commerce like mine?
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          BLJRECEO Newbie
          What type of products do you offer?
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            Generation4 Adventurer
            What motivates me to shop online is free shipping. I see that you are offering free shipping on your site for orders over a certain amount. I think that's great. I know some websites will throw in a free small sample with a certain purchase amount as well. I think that's a better option vs. a percentage discount. This allows your customer to sample a greater variety of products which may result in a sale later on. Also, everyone likes to get free stuff. Nice website by the way. I haven't completed all my holiday shopping, so I'll switch over to your website to browse around after I finish this post.
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              CorpCons08 Ranger

              You know, rather than give away things for free or discount the overall cost, what you may be able to do is make some sort of a theme. Like the holidays are here, you can make up a package that is themed towards the holidays. Valentines day is coming up. There are many holidays and people need to purchase things for loved ones. If I found sites that made everything up for the particular theme, I'm there. It saves me time having to do it myself. You might want to do something along these lines..."if you purchase x number of products, we will make up a package free of charge for you to give as a gift." I'm sorry if this is way out there, just brainstorming my friend.

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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  Well, the themed gifts are a good idea, but technically it is difficult to do because of pages optimization. The only way to do that could be done on the site itself, and success will be limited, almost all of our customers find our pages products when they are looking on search engines.
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                      Emile Yarder Adventurer
                      This works too: 'send to a good friend'; 'send a sample to a friend'; 'bookmark this page'; 'Mark it as favorite' . Propose a lottery, a sweepstake or a teasing. Propose a surprise box, a beauty contest or a beauty test; what is going well with your personality?. Etc... When get time I will send you a list to make your web site a wonderful place to visit, where there's always something interesting to do. I think Luckiest could help too. He has many academic popular marketing tools to help (PS: email me)John.
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                        On the themed gift note, how about combine a few items into a 'basket' with a theme. I don't mean shopping cart/basket - I'm talking about an actual basket/box/collection of related items to a theme.

                        For example: Valentine's Day Lover's Basket - some oils, some soap, some aromatherapy, all around a romance theme.

                        You can create a page/product that is optimized around each basket. That is, if you have a robust enough ecommerce package. But even a DIY website should allow you to make a new product, that is a compilation of other products.

                        Do that, and you've moved from products to solutions - I need a nice Mother's Day gift, gee, look at this MD gift basket idea/collection from Hawaiian Naturals (whatever biz name is...).

                        (I suspect that is exactly what Corp was thinking - if not, didn't mean to put words in your post.)
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                      Alphacst Newbie

                      Hey NatOnline,

                      If you have a web site to sell your products, you need to register your web site with the best web browser search such as Google. Also, as some other users from the forum have mentioned below, do adverising by word of mouth, give away some samples, and go to some of the week end flee market in your community to expose your business to the public.

                      Hope that helps!

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                        netdebut Wayfarer
                        Hi Nat,

                        Something you may consider, rather than just giving away products, free shipping, free discounts to your products, is think about giving away discounts to your complimentary products. What I mean by that is, you seem to have a great variety of "natural elements" that ranges from lotions to soup; so, find other e-commerce sites that focus on products that is closely related to yours or would even enhance your products. Try to partner up with these sites and offer them to give their customers a small discount while still giving them a percentage of the profits. Ask them to return the favor, of course. This would help build and expand your network of customers very quickly if done properly. Not only that, you'll look like the wonderful person that's trying to help your current customers and they'll love you for it. I've used this technique with a lot of other sites and have gotten discounts in the thousands worth of products. I've taught this technique in my ebook a while ago and I still get compliments on the idea. I hope it works out for you as well.
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                            NatOnline Tracker
                            Well it is an interesting idea, but there too much unknown from the potential partner sites. Why should I give a favor from a partner(s) site visitors intead of my visitors?

                            I am very picky about giving links on my site to others. I get thousand emails requesting link exchange all of them are not related in my topic.

                            For search engines, reciprocal links two ways have almost no value, only this could be done for visitors.

                            I want to give to my visitors something related, something serious, and I want to know the owner before switching links.

                            Thanks for your suggestions, but it is hard to trust someone and do that.
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                            QueenBEE Newbie
                            Instead of giving free products to every customer, you can give it only
                            to influence people.

                            You can use Bees and Pollen website to search and contact the most
                            influential My Space members in your target audience. Offer them free products
                            or other incentives (free shipping, discount, etc) and they will probably spread
                            the word.

                            Right now, the site is free, and lets you search in any target audience
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                                NatOnline Tracker
                                I don't like social bookmarks, and I will tell you why.

                                If customers or visitors want to recommend our site in social bookmarks that's a plus, but we don't go there to attract people on our site if there are not looking for our products.

                                We dont want to convice people to buy our products, we want visitors looking for Hawaiian bath and body products find our e-commerce, that's our philosophy.