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    Low Cost Websites Not Always a Bad Thing....

    lynny05 Wayfarer
      I posted this in another thred but not sure if anyone would find it so I thought I'd start a new Topic and post it here.

      I would like to address the issue of how cheap is too cheap when you're looking for a web designer. I personally am low-cost - not cheap. I do believe there are a lot out there who are cheap and their work proves it but there are some of us who charge low prices for other reasons and we're good at what we do. My happy and satisfied clients are proof.

      I started out advertising for small businesses and the main thing I found out that most of them have little or no budget for advertising anymore. THEY ARE SMALL BUSINESSES. They can't compete with large multi-million dollar businesses. Making my rates lower for them doesn't make me a bad advertiser. I don't give them cheap service. The ones who advertise with me appreciate the low cost but effective methods I use.

      So, when I started making websites (again, for smaller businesses) I knew I couldn't charge outlandish prices. I went far below the normal costs. Yes, less than $500. I charge a flat rate of $279 and then $24.99 a month after. The monthly cost is because I do something a lot of designers don't do. I stick around to maintain and update their site. Whenever they want. As many times as they want. No extra cost per hour just the straight $24.99/month. They never have to touch it since maybe they don't know how, don't have the time or for whatever reason. All they have to do is get in touch with me, tell me what they want changed and that's it. I do it for them. Most all of the businesses I talk with seem to like this better than doing it themselves. I don't do ecommerce websites- mine are Brochure websites which are just right for 98% of businesses. That also keeps the cost down.

      Anyway, thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents worth. I just want everyone to know not EVERY low cost web designer is cheap and not worth checking out.

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          Brocante64 Wayfarer
          Hi Lynny05; best of luck with your business!!

          I am no computer expert, but over the past few years I have used the internet as a regular part of my daily life. On many occasions friends and colleagues have approached me to ask about either selling something or "getting their idea" online. When I explained to them (as best I could) not so much the difficulties, but more the cost, of creating a functional website they all basically turned away from the idea. To my mind the internet is fast becoming like a fancy golf club; expensive to join & play - and you have to know someone to get in!!
          It seemed a shame to me that the ordinary "man on the street" cannot easily avail of this most exciting and powerful medium, so I set about attempting to create something for them. is my basic concept; just launched, but fully functional, it is designed specifically for the person wanting to sell/advertise their stuff on a really low budget.
          I am well aware that the site needs more functionality options, and these will come in time, but I believe that it addresses the fundamental demands of someone trying to join the eCommerce community.


          In these days of high unemployment and dramatically falling living standards it seems to me that the internet MUST be available to all. Having a website not only provides a potential income, but just as importantly gives focus and hope to the owner - a rare commodity for many people these days.
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              Hymesdesign Adventurer
              I agree totally with lynny here on the fact that there is a major difference between cheap and low cost web design, and that there are in fact web designers out there who offer actual low cost web solutions. I won't touch on brocante64's post as I've already crossed the line talking about their services and in fact must apologize for going to far with them, but I still do condone their practices. Anyway nice post lynny, and well said, I think the average customer can tell the difference between low cost and cheap, and if they really are serious about a website they know where to go now.
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              lynny05 Wayfarer
              Thanks Brocante64 and Hymesdesign for your input! I appreciate the nice words of encouragement!


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                Collabora Newbie
                Hey Lynny05,

                I do exactly the same thing. I also charge $500 and that includes 1yr of hosting and content updates. After that I charge 99/yr for the hosting and updates only. Since I am a web host, the hosting part is easy. The downside is that sometimes you have to put your foot down when client asks for too many changes, especiall when they don't request them in bits and pieces. I try to get them to send me changes for a month in one request without leaving me to proofread and edit the content.

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