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    Starting an online game company MMOG

    bizdomainstor Newbie
      I am interested in starting a MMOG, which will utilize the internet and will enable users to compete against others via mobile phone, pda, or computer etc. The mmog has a distinct and innovative control & animation design mechanism. I have no experience in the video game industry, but I am a gamer, and I have great ideas. I have collected market research reports, received resumes from programmers, game developers, graphic artists, and I do have enough information to create a business plan, but I'm not sure of the effect that it will have on VC/Angels. I need to find angels or vc's who are interested in online developing technologies, and also I need to find some more programmers and game developers. Since I don't have any experience in this industry I need some guidance, but I would also like to partner with a strong management team who knows what they're doing. I have little to no capital available. Is there any advice that anyone can give me, or interested partes?