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    Funding for motorcycle distributorship

    bikebuilder Newbie
      I have a oppertunity to be a distributor for a new motorcycle brand. Retail $2,500 wholesale to dealers $1800 cost from manufacturer $1,300. I can have 8-12 states in the souteast maybe more and will retail as well as wholesale I believe I will move 200-300 in 2010.I currently work for a manufacturer and have experience in all areas of this business. I need 90,000 to get it going $78,000 of which for motorcycles with the rest for startup expenses. I do not have any hard collateral to borrow this amount. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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          banshee Wayfarer
          Do you have a business plan? Investors would want to see a business plan including executive summary, full financial projections for 3-5 years, marketing plan, management qualifications and product/sales information,
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            phanio Pioneer
            Can you not work a deal on trade credit with the manufactuer? If they are new, they should be willing to work with you. Tell them you want 90 days to pay them - thus you have time to sell on your side and collect.

            Second, can you start smaller - $78K just for inventory is a huge gamble on a new product. Can you cut that down in thirds or fifths - thus less money out now until you can prove the concept. It seems you want 60 bikes to begin - why not start with 20 bikes - if after a month sales are rolling - then get another 20 or more. This way you need much less up front.

            Third - have you searched for a floor plan. There are many companies that offer floor plans (you current bank amy even offer one for new vehicles) - thus the bank or floor plan lender pays for the inventory and you pay them back when you make sales.

            There are many options for funding - you might have to piece together your funding - get a floor plan or trade credit - then get the rest from a micro-loan or SBA loan.

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