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    NewLookTeam Wayfarer
      I need some SEO for my site, how long does it take to get google ranked.

      1 - I have optimized on page, off page
      2 - links, external
      3 - sitemap registered
      4 - google analytics

      is it just a case of waiting now...

      any advise is welcome...
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          keysongs71 Newbie
          Hi Again,

          Don't know much aout SEO Optimization. However, I know that social networking sites (i.e. Merchant Circle, Facebook, etc...) and blogs help with search engine ranking. When it comes to SEO it seems content and links are King and Queen. People have to know you exist before people know you exist. (If that makes any sense!)
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            vivianrollins Wayfarer
            your website is already indexed but if it is not ranking well, you'll need to work on your on page factors such as H1 tags, content, etc. Most importantly, you'll need to get links.
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                NewLookTeam Wayfarer
                Hi, Yeah My On-Page Optimization is extremely strong, I focused alot on my tags, with good emphasis on Title, H1-4 tags with strength in brand and target market...

                I also used meta-tags for the lesser engines that still use them, I guess its up to (external now) the linking so to speak and see now long and where that takes me,

                thanks alot

                Duncan MacDonald
                owner -
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                Rubyavocado Newbie
                There is an art and science to rankings. We use a 65 step process to increase your ranking acorss search engines. First and foremost is choosing the right search vocabulary that will result in business. We make a living developing traffic for web marketers. If you are interested, let me know.