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    Green IT Consulting

    GreenITConsul Newbie
      IT Consulting is dedicated to helping companies save time, money,
      energy and the environment all at the same time. We are able to
      accomplish this by utilizing virtualization technologies such as:
      Virtual Private Networking, Virtual Servers, Virtual Workstations, and
      more. All of these technologies will:

      · Reduce your organizations operating expenses as much as 80%.

      · Reduce IT costs and unplanned outages

      · Reduce and/or eliminate office/facilities/real estate expenses

      · Reduce your organization's & your employee's carbon foot-print

      · Improve Employee work-life and productivity

      · Keep your company's physical assets and intellectual property secure

      technologies are widely used, and a proven way to reduce your
      organization's operating expenses. It's the best way for your company
      to earn more money, and help save the environment

      Please visit us at