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    Make Sure Your Marketing Research Efforts Have an "Owner"

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      When conducting marketing research, whether in-house or using an external marketing research firm, companies should assign responsibility for the research project to someone internally. Frequently, nobody owns the marketing research role, dooming the research project from the beginning. No designated owner ensures that research won't be taken seriously relative to the employees' other responsibilities; it almost guarantees that problem definition and project execution will be inadequate; it allows everyone to evade accountability; and it can lead to duplication of effort, as many departments may commission their own research.


      The duplication of research efforts is arguably the most expensive result of not having a dedicated research owner, and the obvious waste of time and money is not the half of it. Imagine this scenario: The marketing department wants to measure customer satisfaction and the customer service department wants to understand what is driving customer complaints and explore ways to reduce them. If the departments don't consult each other and each conducts its own survey, it's very likely they will be calling on the same customers and asking similar questions. Now imagine you, as the customer, receiving both surveys. What opinions do you form about this company?


      The moral: Assign the research role to a qualified internal person, who is charged with communicating with the different departments and outside research vendors and maintaining your industry and market monitoring system.