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    Will My Google PPC Spending Influent Page Position?

    karenH Adventurer

      Hi friends,


      We just want to know why our page can be listed on the second page recently.


      We added a new page for our barcode software recently. It was not listed in the first 10 pages by some keywords. We have PPC ad on Google. The PPC just got less than 30 clicks each day.


      We increased the PPC amount recently. So we got hundreds clicks each day soon. Suddenly we found this page moved to the second page when we searched by the same keyword we used before. There are no other SEO jobs done on this page recently.


      This page stayed in the second page for two day. Then we stopped this expensive PPC campaign. After three hours, the page dropped to the third page.


      My questions: Will the companies that spend more on PPC get better position?