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    Starting an Import/Export Business

    Golden_Flo Newbie
      I´m a German Living in the US now for 1 year and i´m thinking about the Idea to start an Export/IMPORT Business. at this moment im using only Ebay and mouth to mouth to do a little bit on the side but i iknow about the love of some american food products/sports apearel or other things in Germany so thats where my idea is comming from, and of course some missing things here from Germany.
      my question where can i look to find good Information about these Businesses taxes, etc. and all i need to know
      thank you guys
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting an Import/Export Business

          If I was planning on starting a business and needed more info, I would contact SCORE
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            gacon60004 Newbie
            Starting a sm biz..overseas is not as simple as you'd think..there's a host of parameters that are tatamount to set ups. Alot more than anyone can bet is go head in the direction of
            a consultant that may help you begin your process(s)...for example..are you considering Retail., Wholesale, construction, Medical..Food al....and within those domains, are a number of
            prerequsites that are primary before you even begin to embark on setting up a marketing/sales network

            One of the Best orgs..that gives free R. Erwin Ross, is Barry Dearborn
            reached via email. firm provides Sr Counseling to SCORE on a
            volunteer basis..and does not charge for your initial queries.