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    New Jersey Contractor (specialized) needs help

    adhdbuzowner Newbie
      Hello Everone....

      I have a niche service company(light costruction) that serves mostly residential homeowners(& condo associations) in nj (single family homes and condo/townhome). I am looking for additional venues to reach out to my target audience in the affluent communities of central NJ. I have an awesome website with great optimization. I have business cards, brochures and decorated vehicles; We are a mobile type service that goes directly to the customer (like smart carpet) . Can anyone suggest organizations etc that i might join to increase exposure; I belong to CAI of NJ and Local Chambers. Does anyone know of any Good builder remodeler groups....Is there networking in these groups. How about groups that target high end customers like Dr's etc. I did direct mail but with very little success (Val-pak, money mailler,etc) even local newspaper but i just did not get a great response.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New Jersey Contractor, I can help you.

          You need both a business and a marketing plan.

          How can I contact you?? LUCKIEST
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            wingnut Newbie
            How about postcards?

            I would say don't give up on direct mail too quickly. The problem with something like Valpak, in my opinion, is that your message gets lost in the crowd. People are likely to toss the entire envelope in the recycle bin without even glimpsing your coupon. Think about contacting a company like to find out about direct mail postcards. That way you have a better chance of actually getting a potential customer's attention, maybe with a special discount or coupon. There are lots of design templates to choose from on their website, and they can also help with generating mailing lists.
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              Strategist007 Newbie

              What I'd like you to do is step back for a moment and ask yourself a question. "What other companies would cater to my clientele?" One example I can think of would be landscaping companies, or maybe "smart carpet" as you indicated. Both of you cater to homeowners, but you don't necessarily compete for the same dollar. Each I would assume would like to expand its marketing efforts, generate new business and decrease expenses. In addition, each has its own client database. What I would suggest is that you consider collaborative marketing. Cross-promote one another, create exclusive offers/discounts (introductory offer perhaps) for each other's clientele and split the expenses.


              Another thing that you might want to look into is promoting through the local schools. Here locally there is a program in town called DARE. In short, the program allows you to print 8.5 x 11 flyers and drop them off at each school. In this area there are 5 elementary schools, each with roughly 300 students. Back when I had a local business in town, I would print up 1,500 flyers and drop off 300 at each school. The school would distribute them to the students and they would take them home in their backpacks to mom and dad. It was a great way to infiltrate the local community. Now, if your town doesn't have such a program, call around to other towns within a certain mile radius and see if they have one.
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                  adhdbuzowner Newbie

                  Thanx oo7,


                  I know of "DARE" .. I will investigate thank you. Yes i have just started to prepare for cross promotion and am putting a list of businesses organizations and persons to do this with.... How about local civic and business organizations were there any you had sucess with?
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                      Strategist007 Newbie
                      No not really. I've usually found them to be a waste of time, but that is just from my own experience.

                      If you are looking for some additional visibility, try this. As you know, everywhere you look there are buildings for rent, lease or for sale. Find a commercial building with a great high-traffic location, preferably at a traffic light intersection or the top floor of a multi-level building facing the highway or a major road (think backup at rush hour). Chances are in this economy that the building has been empty for awhile. Call the number that is being advertised (For lease - Call...) and tell them that you would be willing to give them $250 if they would let you put a banner advertising your website in the window for a month.

                      I did this on the 3rd floor of a building that was facing the highway. My banner (window billboard) stretched 30 feet and was easy to see from the highway. What the heck, they aren't making any money on the space anyway. I also did the same thing in a huge display window of an empty retail store right at a four way intersection. The banner was 6' x 10'. Worked like a charm. Depending on your budget, you could do this in multiple towns all over the place.

                      Hope this helps.
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                    njservicehvac Newbie
                    I could use some advice in growing my business marketing. I recently created a website for my heating and air conditioning corporation ... a small business, from Burlington NJ ... Could someone critique my website, and let me know some things I could do to better its SEO? is the site... It currently has no page rank .. i submitted the sitemap to google a few days ago, i know these things take time, but I am anxious to get this going.

                    Thank You.
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                        localseoinc Newbie

                        @ njservicehvac

                        I took a look at your website and it seems to in good order.
                        Since I am a local SEO guy I took a look at your Google local listing
                        and thought I would give you a few tips on how to improve your local maps
                        ranking. If you do a search for
                        "heating and air conditioning new jersey"
                        you get a "lucky 7 pack" of results that you are not in.
                        The easiest way to improve your ranking is to look for places to add a
                        "citation" which is your business name, address and phone number.
                        Internet yellow pages are great places to start.
                        The work on reviews, sign up for a account at or
                        and send your customers there asking for a review.
                        Look for local directories to add your info to.
                        Create a map on google referencing your business.
                        That should get you started in improving your local rank.

                        If your interested I will do a full audit of your local ranking for free.

                        You can go to
                        and send me a email.

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                        vinod1978 Adventurer
                        I'm a member of the Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey, but that really hasn't helped me out.
                        I suggest that you try to advertise on local television in the areas that you want to target in New Jersey.

                        Though I have customers that spend upwards of 10k a month I have customers that spend as little as $2,500 a month for 50 spots on cable television in a given local area. Local advertising is the most affordable way to advertise your business and you'll actually end up with much better results on cheaper advertising methods (like newspaper, radio, etc...)

                        If you are interested on how my company, Tonangi Media, can help please go to