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    NatOnline Tracker

      I would like to know what SEO experts think about my own SEO results for my site

      Thanks for your feedbacks
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          CorpCons08 Ranger


          Might I recommend david28078. He is a SEO Expert from what I have heard.


          Best wishes,


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Natonline. Need more input. What are you asking??
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              nathan@ds Newbie

              From my initial review of your site, you are ranking well for the terms you are targeting. All of the pages I checked in your left navigation rank in the top ten on Google for the phrase they are targeting. A quick recomendation would be to update the title on your homepage to "Hawaiian Bath & Body Products - Natural Elements". Basically you want to have the main keyword phrase you are targeting at the begining of your title. Since most people will not initially be searching for you company name, I would put it at the end of your title. The rest of you product pages are already doing this and it is one reason they rank well.

              I would also recommend setting up Google Analytics -
              on your site and set the site up in Google's Webmaster Tools -

              How is your traffic and conversion rates?
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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  Thank you Nathan,

                  A very nice review.

                  I know the trick to put first my keywords and the name company at the end, because like you said, the other pages are like that. I think some of our customers could do a quick search on our company name, this is why the company name shows first, but I think you are right, I could have more clicks from the keyphrase, than the company name.

                  I will update that to see how it goes.

                  As far as the google Analytics, I have integrated a statistic program on my site with a code on each page, that give me live stats. I dont want to give away information to search engines, as we all know that will be analysed by them for their advertising system. I am using some unique keyphrases that bring me a decent traffic and I don't want them to use it.

                  Traffic is growing pretty decently, I double my traffic since October, conversions follow, and get a little better than the double.

                  Once again thanks a lot Nathan
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                  Biz Online Adventurer
                  Hi NatOnline, Cliff here.
                  1. I would recommend H2, H3, H4 headings within your text in addition to your H1, just change the order of the words, if possible. I typically skip H2 headings and use H3. Back in the Black Hat SEO days, many hackers used H2 tags to stuff keywords, so I still avoid them, or I'm just paranoid.

                  2. Your image alt tags should use your targeted keywords that are included in your Title tag, meta description tag, and H1 tag.

                  3. Your internal page linkage could use some updating as well. Use keywords in anchor text to point to other pages when possible.

                  4. Near or in the footer of each page, you could add your targeted keywords as well, just don't be too spammy with it. Make it look natural.

                  5. Each Title tag should include your targeted keywords near the beginning, as mentioned in another post. Also, Google will typically display the first 66 characters, so use all the characters you can within this limit, focused on your keywords.

                  6. Likewise, the meta description tag in Google is typically displaying 154 characters. Make great use of this space, using attention getting language with targeted keywords to entice readers to click on your listing.

                  7. Use targeted keywords throughout your text on the page with natural flowing sentences. Use keywords in italics, bold and bold italic when possible without sacrificing the readability of the page.

                  8. Try to have your targeted keywords in the body copy as high up on the page as possible.

                  9. For the future, I would suggest moving away from a tables layout and go with a pure CSS layout. This will greatly lighten the size of the page, it will load faster, and makes for great "food" for the search engine crawlers!

                  Hope this helps! Drop me an email to let me know how you are doing!
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                      NatOnline Tracker

                      Hello Cliff,

                      1) The problem with H tags, that I cannot put them as I wish, as you know the high value tag is H1
                      I stay away from black hat technics, I don't cheat search engines or else and use _*only whit
                      2) I can work on that

                      3) I use keywords with anchors wrapped in short sentances

                      4) I don't like this, it is spammy for me

                      5) I just correct that on my index, but once again I don't want to be spammy, this should be done for people not for search engines.

                      6) I do that.

                      7) I can bold and bold italic, I will think about that

                      8) I know that but all the copies body text are made for people not for search engines

                      9) It will be done in the future site one day.


                      Thank you Cliff, I will see what I can do and will update some of your tips :-)
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                      nathan@ds Newbie
                      I agree with all of Cliff's suggestions as he covered most of the on page factors you can control. You have the correct mindset though, develop content for your users not for the search engines.

                      I totally understand your hesitance
                      to use Google Analytics, as I have some of the same concerns about Google having so much access to my data. However, if you are doing any online advertising it is a great way to track conversions and it is free. Regardless I still recommend
                      setting up your site in Google's Webmaster Tools as it will give you some valuable information on how Google is indexing your site and if there are any issues, and it does not require a script to be added to every page.

                      One other issue I notices is almost half of your site is Google's supplemental index. For more information on this and a useful tool to check how many pages are in the index go to It also includes some info on how to get your pages out of this index. Something it does not mention that I have found helpful is try to have 3 links to every page on your site.

                      Also, I noticed that your copyright is outdated, I would update it to say 2006 - 2007. The best solution is to create a script that determines what the current year is and displays it after the year you started. That way you won't have to remember to update it next year.
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                          NatOnline Tracker
                          I need to check the supplemental results, "which doesn't exist anymore" but half pages off the index seems to me excessive from Google.

                          It is not a big issue that Copyrights are outdated, a copyright is a copyright, by law if you own the original, you are protected, as all the script copyrighted in the code.

                          Thank you I will check the link you just provided.
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                              nathan@ds Newbie
                              On large sites it is not uncommon to have a high percentage of pages in the supplemental index. A lot of it has to do with how many clicks away from the homepage it is, how many pages link to that page, and if there is any duplicate content. A page on your site that is in the supplemental index is You can check by copying your description and then doing a search for it and you will notice that the page is not returned. If you were to do this same test on a large chunk of text on your homepage, you will see that your homepage is the number one result.

                              It is often difficult to get product detail pages like out of the supplemental index. Though it will help if you can link to that page from a couple of other locations.
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                                  NatOnline Tracker
                                  I did link articles to page products before, it was better for visitors but duplicated for SE.

                                  For example if I link the history of coconut article to all coconut soaps, it will be good for readers but not for search engines.

                                  The only way I can find to link these pages are deep links directories, but if you can put only 5 deep links, you only focus on coconut soaps. If I do that for all supp results pages, it would be too expensive, because most directories allow 1 link for free and not always internal link, if you are using deep links you have to switch to paid links.

                                  If I put more than 5 links in the articles, it will be too spammy as you can see, we are selling coconut soaps, aromatic coconut oils, coconut lotion, candles etc...

                                  My tentation is just move on and add more articles.