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    Identifying good businesses for sale

    sidney01 Newbie
      I am looking to acquire an existing business that is already profitable. I am not interested in franchises that are easy to spot. No interest in restaurants or fast-food either. Aside from on-line business brokers and word of mouth, what are some other good ways to find out about good businesses that may be for sale??
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          BizBuyerSell Newbie

          The most successful acquisitions are usually of businesses that are not listed for sale. Those business owners must be contacted to find those interested in confidentially selling their businesses.

          Those business owners that want to sell for the "right" price usually must be eliminated because they usually want too much money. To buy a business at a reasonable price, the business owner should have a motivation to sell the business - other than to sell it for more than it is worth.

          It is possiable to find those motivated sellers. We have a buy-sider business broker practice. Seventy-five (75%) of our buy-side clients buy a business that is not listed for sale.
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            MoDeals Adventurer

            Hello, I acknowledge that your post is a few years old, however, I hope you've had some success since then.  I conquer with the gentleman who replied. The best businesses to consider purchasing are those that aren't typically advertised. Networking and establishing a relationship with one or two business brokers is a start and doing what you have done, networking with the business community.


            There are a couple of businesses for sale that I have knowledge of. If you are interested.  Feel free to send a reply.


            All the best to you.