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    Yellow Pages - Loosing its relevance for local businesses ?

    conscient Newbie
      Well I am not going to say it.. but the yellow pages to me are slowly getting, if not already, defunct. It has served its
      purpose well for a good half century or more. The last time I picked up my yellow pages
      was to get the phone number of a business which I knew did not have a website! Well if you ask me today -
      I don't even know where I kept that big fat book!

      More and more customers are turning online to look up local businesses. This ranges from
      looking up a local restaurant to finding the perfect handyman to fix up the deck to find
      the nearest store having a banana fruit cake with tapioca topping at a discount!

      If you run a small store or service in a suburban town where you are the only store in town
      and your next competition is 15 miles away- you probably will find the yellow pages might
      still be the trusted old medium for advertising to bring new business.

      But tell me. How many readers here think that yellow pages are still worth the money ?


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          adhdbuzowner Newbie

          Yellow pages print media OUT..... I am one of the most computer illiterate persons on this planet but even i use the internet to search for companies etc....... I have been in the service industry for over 20 yrs.NO more yp at all (i used to spend 5k a month, yes month! now nothing! ) make sure you have brand identity and commingle your advertising Business cards,brochures etc with your website. What can i say i have a business with a great web-site. The site address is on my truck, cards, brochures every where. I track the site (visitors verse sales) (again very low cost software to do this with) and i can make immediate specific changes, wether seasonal or for economic reasons (i don't have to wait yearly). Cost is very low But YOU *MUST *do your homework there are many scam artists out there check with your SCORE mentor and your local small business development center for input (free to low cost help *invaluable). BYE BYE rip off Verizon, Yelllow BOOK,.... oh by the way again be careful these large companies now try to solicit there on-line yellowpages.......YUK don't fool me twice..... There are many better venues heck try Google or other venues much lower cost better selection and help....... Be patient you will find the answers Internet is here and growing everyday by leaps and bounds.
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            snccigars Adventurer
            As a small business owner of a niche market (cigars), I will use the yellow pages, but certainly not as my main avenue of advertising, more as a covering my bases type advertising. As my profile states, we will be depending heavily on word of mouth, and of course, the web, with all it various facets. We will probably not use it long, maybe 2 years until our name is established in the community, and certainly not a huge ad, just something so people can say, "hey, whats that cigar shop downtown...lets look...oh, there it is!"