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    Looking for a Business Partner for a Herbals Nutritional Products

    zone451 Wayfarer
      Hi. I m retired from the Information Systems Management, after 30 years in business working for others I decided to start my own business doing something completely different. So I develop the idea to sell
      Online the best brand of herbals products, I think that after eight years I have been doing pretty well considering that I have not a good command of the english language.

      I m looking for a business partner to develop an Affiliate Program, implement new marketing strategies
      and of course share profits.

      Our products are unique and there is market who are already known about the effectiviness of the andean products such as. yacon used to diabetes, Maca as Menopause HRT, Caigua used as natural treatment to burn fat.

      I think that I need to re-desing and re-built our web site and much more, but my web site is actually help me to pay my bills and keep me alive since the peruvian retirement programs are not according the economic

      There is in progress a commercial treatment between US and Peru that have been already aprroved
      at the US Congress and I want to get ready to jump to expand my business.

      All interested to joing efforts and share benefits, please email me.