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    Anyone use Twitter to promote their business?

    Howard Adventurer
      My kids are always on Twitter. Wondering if any of you use Twitter for your business? If so, how?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *Twitter, YES I do*<!--Session data-->
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            I use twitter sparingly but for more personal than business. I am interested in hearing how others are using it because using it for business requires some tinkering. There is going to be a level of trail and error but if you stick with it and try not to sell too hard, it can be a great resource.
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              amspcs Ranger
              I am trying, but not sure how to go about it. I too would love to hear from people who
              have had success marketing their businesses on Twitter.
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                snccigars Adventurer
                I am definitely planning on twittering (I think thats right, maybe tweeting) about cigars & the cigar business, once I get up and running. I will tweet (again, hope thats right) after I smoke a new cigar and let people know what I think about it, eventually get a regular conversation going with like minded fans of high-end, handmade, imported cigars. Hopefully will develop a following and in turn will promote my website and business. The American dream, combining business with pleasure! As always, anyone up for some cigar talk, questions, feel free to post on my other posts!
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                  amspcs Ranger
                  I meant to mention yesterday that there is a fairly informative "Twitter for Dummies" book on the market
                  that I invested in. Good reading if you intend to get serious about Twitter, in my opinion.
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                    morepro Newbie
                    Yes.... for talking amongst/to other experts in your industry, learning news/trends & communicating w/ your audience.
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                      heather24 Adventurer

                      you will get all case studies on Twitter business usage here :
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                        franklinb Adventurer
                        I have had a Twitter account for quite awhile now, but only just recently began to use it seriously. Since I am an affiliate publisher in many different niche markets, I need traffic to my sites. Now I am seeing traffic from Twitter.

                        The way I use it is to feed my articles and blog posts directly into Twitter by way of two other free applications. It goes like this: Blog post feed to then to, then to Twitter in abreviated form in order to make good use of the limited 140 char. limit.

                        I started this in earnest about 7 days ago, and my number of followers has quadrupled. In addition to my blog feeds that go to Twitter, I occasionally will send a manual Tweet in myself directling followers to a certain destination. The combination of all these things has resulted in a constant growth in followers, and more traffic.

                        So far all I am seeing is a slight increase in Adsense clicks and revenue, but not hard sales yet. I do believe in time I will also see that as well. Twitter has recently cracked down on spammers so you really have to be professional about it and mind the TOS for Twitter.

                        It is fun to do this but it has the potential to drive you whacko! I took the day off of it today to simply work on websites and product display pages preparing for the holidays. I just felt I had to start some activity with this tool because before it was just sitting there, and I know it has potential.
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                            MichaelDavid Newbie
                            I actually use Twitter in a similar fashion as franklinb. For the last few months I've been getting good traffic and results from it. I have several niche targeted affiliate programs I promote. Instead of manual process I use data feeds from affiliates to publish using Autoblogged then I setup a Twitterfeed to automatically post to Twitter. Over the months I've increased Twitter followers well in the thousands. I honestly seen about a 15-20% increase in sales, but I am hands free so I don't complain.

                            I am certain sales can increase drastically if I knew of a way to only get high targeted traffic from Twitter, but this is still a mystery.

                            So my case and point is that Twitter is a great tool for doing business and gaining traffic, but you can be certain that majority of Twitter traffic will be untargeted which leads to poorer conversion rates. For me it works for my bottom line --- if you can put twitter on autopilot then it might work for you as well. Best of luck!
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                            LaComunidad Newbie

                            I have been using twitter for a small period of time now for business, but I have definitely seen an increase of traffic from it. I use it in the following way, again I am no expert and I'm learning as I go along.


                            1- I post my blogs and articles to twitter by using wordpress, although there are many other avenues you can use.


                            2- If I see a website, write up, or article on the Internet that relates or is of interest to my followers I share it.


                            3- I share my thoughts about other people's tweets, and retweet tweets that I find of interest to help promote other businesses.


                            4- I discuss topics relating to my business, but I don't try to sell my business. The only time I ever post my website is when I am introducing a business, or new development on the website which I think may be of interest.


                            5- I always use my email as my "signature" after I send a direct message, instead of pushing my website.


                            Again, I'm not a tweeter expert just the few things I have been using on tweeter. I would love to hear what others have to say.




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                                franklinb Adventurer
                                Thanks for the ideas. I think you are doing it right. At this point all I am really expecting from the whole Twitter thing is additional traffic. Sure is amazing how just posting keeps followers coming in.

                                I wonder if these people are using an "autofollow" app or what? Do you know if anything like that exists?

                                I learned how to configure my blogs to twitter with this offer from TweetTank. It is cheap, only $15.40 but the first 4 videos are free. After I bought it I realized I really didn't need to do that after going through the free vids.


                                What I have discovered is that there are literally tens of thousands of Twitter applications being created almost daily. The problem is deciding on which to use and which to ignore.
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                                    wordperfect Scout

                                    I have never actually used it, recently I have thought about it but I have, or had until I read LaComunidad's post, thought it may be more suited to "on line or E-shops" than our business.


                                    We are essentially a brick and mortar marketing and PR studio that uses the web as a shop window. Most of our clients come from word of mouth, visiting trade shows and generally getting out into the community type stuff.


                                    Beijing based in Beijing, China, doesn't help much either.


                                    However this topic has given me something new to consider, any one in a similar business to us, i.e., consultancy rather than product selling, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.


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                                        Iwrite Pioneer

                                        Checkout this effort by another agency in Charlotte, NC. It isn't tweetering but it shows how to better leverage interactive tools to tell your story.


                                        Notice the number of hits. I have posted this several times, but the way they used Youtube to generate interest is beautiful. I know several agency folks are using Twitter, Linkedin, Plaxo to generate leads and cultivate a following. I think for those of us in the service sector that we can use these tools to enhance our reputation, but as for getting clients, I have my doubts.

                                        I am not sure I want a client who bases their decision on me Tweetering or any of the other tools (TV included). I would hope my clients choose me for my understanding of marketing, people and my ability to grow a conversation. I want them to realize that I can produce results. I think Twitter can play a part like everything else, but the focus has got to be on the idea.
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                                            wordperfect Scout

                                            Hello Derek, thank you for that.


                                            Sadly Youtube is still blocked here in China, as are many other sites, as I pointed out in my Email to you, life can sometimes be a bit challenging here.


                                            Reputation, yes, I agree with you, that and brand building I see as possible uses.but am still unsure how to go about it It seems like a potential minefield to me, copy would need to be very carefully crafted else I can see it going terribly, terribly wrong.


                                            But maybe as another poster said, including relevant news items from time to time might be one safer option.


                                            Perhaps if my sole business was as a "copy writer" then maybe, maybe my tweets may inspire potential clients to make contact, but like you, as a consultancy, I have doubts. I would also hope that more consideration was given to our experience and expertise in doing what we do, rather than a few chatty bird calls.


                                            Branding and client development are, in my mind, two different strands, but many businesses tend to lose sight of that when they try to grow a China based business.


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                                                Iwrite Pioneer
                                                My apologies, we sometimes take for granted things that people else where aren't privy to.

                                                Look at the social marketing tools as an opportunity to tell your story. I give advice here not in hopes of getting a client but as a place where potential clients can come and see how I think about doing business - a preview if you will. I use Twitter and Linkedin the same way, posting short statements designed to make folks think, but it is harder because people are there for reasons other than business sometimes.

                                                The stronger the business community in China gets, the more they will recognize the importance of brand and client development. And by then you can have position yourself as the source for branding and client development questions. Build your brand, set yourself part from the rest.
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                                                    wordperfect Scout

                                                    No apology needed, I appreciate the thought, and, as they say, it is the thought not the gift that counts! Pages come and go, depending on the mood here, so sometimes we can, sometimes we can't, it all makes for interesting business. That was why I was interested to keep in touch with you and Peter and link in with your Emails from time to time, it is another "window" on the world. As i said to you, right now they have even blocked my young daughter's photo page!


                                                    Anyway we risk going dangerously off topic here so.......back to Twits.


                                                    My thinking, right or wrong, is our web visitors are basically of two types. Those who find us from key words and are looking for answers, our challenge is to answer and steer them to contact us. They are cold prospects if you will


                                                    I don't think they are our twitters.


                                                    The second group are warm prospects, those we have spoken to, either at fairs, by phone, Email etc and who are searching for more info. Similar challenge, provide the info showing HOW IT BENEFITS THEM and get them to contact. Maybe, these are titter candidates?


                                                    Having said all that, it is just an idea, I may be miles off beam and, after months of thinking I am still not really any closer to working out exactly how to do it in practice!




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                                                        studio 525 Adventurer
                                                        I've been using Twitter to promote my business and it's working great, far exceeding my expectations.
                                                        It took a llittle while to learn to use it correctly though.
                                                        First off you need to build a big Following. That's the only way people can read your messages, called Tweets.
                                                        Currently I have over 4,000 Followers and that's growing fast.
                                                        As in all Social Media, you need to post valuable content (in this case in under 140 characters). Every tenth message or so directs people to my website or Sales Page. If you only post marketing messages, your Followers will unFollow you and you'll never gain a strong base to market to. So you have to be very careful with this. Make sure the messages that direct people to your website or sales page are well-written, clever, fun, exciting and interesting enough to be re-Tweeted (sent on to others).

                                                        Posting valuable content will result in re-Tweets as your Followers send your message on to their Followers. This will not only increase your Followers big time, but will drive many more people to your website.

                                                        Recently I ran a small contest on Twitter that generated so much traffic I had to put it on pause to regroup and take better advantage of all the new traffic I was getting.

                                                        So I'm a big Twitter convert for business.
                                                        That's the only reason I got a Twitter account.
                                                        It's the only reason I'm involved in Social Media at all.
                                                        It's a very different way of marketing than the traditional ad agency model I grew up with.
                                                        But, once you learn the rules of the game, I find it's actually a lot more effective.
                                                        I'm especially impressed with viral techniques, which can work very well on Twitter.

                                                        If you want to see how I do it, you can find my Twitter profile @studio525.
                                                        The contest won't be ready again for another week or two though.

                                                        Good luck and jump right in. The Twitter water is fine.

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                                                      tradewind Newbie
                                                      Just wondering if the Chinese allow text messages and to what extent they filter the content?
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                                                          studio 525 Adventurer
                                                          Here's an interesting test I just did between Facebooks Ads (pay per click) and Twitter tweets (free).
                                                          I just started a new Facebook Fan page and wanted to increase the number of Fans. Facebook Fans generally have pretty high conversions from my experience. Close to opt-in email lists.
                                                          I've only been running it for 4 days. Not much time for a test, granted, but here are the results.
                                                          Facebook Ad: 52 clicks / 22 signups. Average cost per click: .$52. Conversion rate: 42%.
                                                          Twitter: 115 clicks / 22 signups. Cost: time to write 3 tweets (1.5 minutes). Each tweet was re-tweeted an average of 4 times. Conversion rate: 19%.

                                                          Frankly I was surprised. It's been two days since I wrote the last tweet. Over the last two days, with no more tweeting, but several re-tweets of my original tweets from two days ago, the number of signups evened out.

                                                          The conversions of clicks to signups is definitely higher with the Facebook Ads. But the results are even.

                                                          I did this partially as a test of Facebook ads. I've run Google Adwords campaigns for many years. And they've been very effective both for my own products and my clients. But I've just started using Facebook ads. The cost is lower. For the right ads, they do seem to be pretty effective. A Facebook Fan page is free. It's a bit like a squeeze page to get email addresses. I'm going to start testing actual products with the ads soon. I'll post my results when they come in. Since it's still a Social Medium, unlike Google Adwords, I'll use the funnel approach and not send people directly to a product or sales page straight off, but use several intermediary pages. I think that still makes more sense for Facebook ads at this time. Adwords, on the other hand, works pretty well with good, high converting sales pages.

                                                          Twitter continues to surprise me.

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                                                            wordperfect Scout
                                                            Exactly the same as USA to both questions.
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                                                  freedesign Newbie
                                                  Yes I have but traffic is not convertable.
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                                                    sjr4x4 Newbie
                                                    I was cynical at first about Twitter, but have been won over, and it does actually work.

                                                    The key is to utilise it for business, so create a separate account for your business, and generate a following of likeminded users.Separate personal and private tweets. Then make sure you don't go too heavy on self promotion, but add items that your audience may find of interest.

                                                    Use your Twittier Bio to sell your business, and make sure you add a weblink. This is where we are generating traffic. Remember, constant spammy sales tweets just turns people off, and is the quickest way to lose your followers.

                                                    One of the best sources of generating business users are from places like Business Forums. Although a bit of a plug, I've just started a twitter username thread on the , so why not add your own Twitter ID and start to build a following for your own business.

                                                    I hope to see onboard!

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                                                      visuals4u Adventurer
                                                      Yes, I use Twitter to mention my new business partnerships and seminars. Just started writing articles and tweet about that as well. In my opinion, this is a necessary tool to create buzz and keep people informed about what I'm doing.

                                                      I also share information about things I believe people should regard to my areas of expertise - internet marketing, small business, nonprofits, technology, and entrepreneurs.

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                                                          studio 525 Adventurer
                                                          One important key to Twitter as a business and marketing tool is traffic, just like all other areas of the web.
                                                          On Twitter the only people who can read your Tweets (short 140 character posts) are your Followers.
                                                          So you need to build a large group of Followers before Twitter will have any impact on your business.
                                                          Without a large group of Followers, your Tweets will remain invisible to the Twitter stream.
                                                          If your Tweets are particularly interesting, they will be re-Tweeted by your Followers and this will magnify their reach.

                                                          I'm going to write a short report soon about how I created a Follower base of over 5,000 targeted Followers in under a month and it's still growing by over 1,000 a week. It involves a combination of Branding, targeting specific people to Follow through keywords, software, a specific style of writing Tweets that get re-Tweeted, supplying Branded value to your Followers and how to do this quickly and easily, and how to write Tweets that get high click through rates and are not seen as Spam. I'll be giving this report away for free as the first step in an e-book promotion on the same subject. A little over 30 days ago, I was struggling with Twitter. After 4 months on Twitter, I couldn't seem to get more than 1,400 Followers no matter what I did. I'd get some more only to have more people drop off the list. Many people on Twitter have this problem. And there's another big roadblock when you hit 2,000 Followers. In my experiece, having less than 2,000 Followers will not help your business at all.

                                                          So it was a huge breakthrough for me when I finally learned how to make Twitter work for me. The Twitter stream moves at lightning speed. It's all in real time. No one can keep up with the stream and the changes in it. But I figured out how to get ahead of the stream and let it catch up to me. And that seems to work, so far. A lot of that has to do with Branding, as so much of marketing does. Copying what anyone else does won't work in my experience. I tried that and got nowhere. You have to create your own Brand. But there are a lot of great tools you can use. I'll cover all those in the report.

                                                          When it's finished I'll announce it on Twitter.
                                                          My Twitter accont is @studio525
                                                          If you don't have a Twitter account now, you can get there with this url:

                                                          I'll also announce it on my new Facebook page.
                                                          That's: Online Marketing with Studio 525

                                                          I've found Twitter to be an amazing marketing tool. I'm happy to share what I've discovered and what's helped me develop and build success with Twitter.

                                                          Good luck.

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                                                              visuals4u Adventurer
                                                              studio 525 is slightly incorrect. Anyone can read your tweets on Twitter. If you are searching by keyword on Twitter for a particular topic and choose to click on someone's profile who is part of the results, you will be directed to that page. At that point, you can read the tweet - whether you choose to follow the person or not.
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                                                                  studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                  People can not read your Twitter stream (what you post) unless they Follow you.
                                                                  If one of your Followers ReTweets your Tweet (message), then all their Followers can also read your Tweet.
                                                                  If someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase and you have that same keyword or phrase in your Tweet, then they may see your Tweet as one of the many others that have the same keyword or phrase. This is more likely if it is a keyword or phrase that is heavily niched and not many other people have posted about it. To be seen through all the other Tweets for words like "Twitter marketing" would be a little like being a needle in a haystack. You might not get noticed. But your chances of being noticed for words like "14 year old orange striped male cat" are pretty good if someone is looking for that.

                                                                  People can also read your Tweets if you include the @ sign in front of their name. @studio525 will send a Tweet to me. Some people with few Followers do this as a form of Spam. Sending the same message to many people. A very annoying and unproductive practice. If you do happen to click on that person's site, you will see the whole list of the same message sent to different people. Most people will click on the report as Spam button and report the person to Twitter who will cancel the account. So this is not a very effective marketing technique, to say the least. But if you want to respond to a person's Tweet, using the @sign is common and welcome.

                                                                  If you're a marketer on Twitter, you need Followers. The more the better. I didn't even begin to see any results until I had over 2,000 Followers. At 9,000 the results are good. At 20,000 I have no doubt they will be even better.

                                                                  From what I've experienced, Twitter is a marketer's dream. And it's only becoming more so. It's only part of a complete marketing system. But, at least for me, it's become a very big part. It has Search to target your Followers. You can create loyalty, trust and relationships with your market. You get a lot of traffic and very high conversions. And you can quickly build your Followers and traffic if you know how to do it.
                                                                  It took me 37 days to get 9,000 Followers. Now it's growing at almost 2,000 a week. If I run another contest I can double that number.

                                                                  If you're a marketer and your not at least exploring Twitter now, I think you're making a big mistake.

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                                                              franklinb Adventurer
                                                              Well some time has gone by since this thread began, and when it did I had 450 followers on Twitter. Now, after working on this problem, I have 1768 (current moment) and it grows every day through the natural process of people seeing my posts and following, or their software recognizing key terms and auto-following. You never know which it is unless you ask.


                                                              So what does a guy like me do with 1768 followers? So far not too much that I can discern, but now and then I drop in there and I send out a tweet to get visitors to a page I have made, or an article I have written or whatever. It really does work, but not on a stellar scale at this level.

                                                              So at this point I can tell you that I learned how to do this from the guys who produced this set of free videos called Tweettank. Now after several weeks they have expanded their free video library, and automated more of the Twitter features invloved with gaining followers. Here is the url:


                                                              I can track some definite activity from the Twitter updates I send through, and at the very least I am making more money from ad clicks. Sales are about the same, but just as soon as I can figure out how to sell through this process, I will. All I can surely report at this time is increased traffic and ad click revenue.

                                                              Not bad so far. This is all a work in progress for me. Have you all discovered any new and exciting ways to convert with Twitter?
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                                                                  studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                  I really didn't notice much of a change until I hit 4,000 Followers.
                                                                  After that it's seemed to make a difference.
                                                                  Tweets get re-Tweeted a lot. Sometime more than 50 times. And that seems to make the number of Followers grow quite a bit. I'm somewhere north of 6,500 as of today.
                                                                  When I do send a Tweet with a link to my website, I get a considerable amount of traffic. Sometimes over 200 visitors depending on the Tweet. My goal is to get up in the 10,000s as it seems like that's a pretty functional place to be for business purposes. I have a contest that worked very well in the past that I'm going to re-launch in a few weeks. That should do it.

                                                                  Bare in mind that to everyone who is not Following you, you are invisible on Twitter. You and your messages (Tweets) do not exist. You can still reach people if your Followers re-Tweet your Tweets. But those Followers also need to have a large number of Followers for it to make any difference.

                                                                  There are many ways to get Followers. I've been averaging over 1,000 a week. A little higher now. The more Followers you get, the more Followers you get. It kind of feeds on itself.
                                                                  Followers need to be highly targeted and you need to develop a strong Brand identity on Twitter or else you will lose as many Followers as you get.

                                                                  It does work for me, but I've found that the number of Followers makes a big difference for any marketing campaign using Twitter.

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                                                                    franklinb Adventurer
                                                                    Good to hear this for sure. I left Twitter there for a long long time while I did other projects, but finally became interested in making it mean something. So in looking at your site, it is evident that you do quite a few things that are similar to what I do, except I usually do marketing and SEO for my own private affiliate projects, not for outside clients. However, I have done SEO workups and initiated them for 4 different companies here in my local area. I know just enough to be dangerous you know?

                                                                    May I ask about how you are doing 1,000 followers a week? I have been using twitterfeed to send some content through, then to twitter. I have several blogs and some Google alerts feeding it, and then I do my own independent tweets on top of that.

                                                                    Is it a propriotary thing, or can you share the information?

                                                                    You have a great site Peter!

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                                                                    franklinb Adventurer
                                                                    Today I discovered a new thing going on at Twitter. Now you can make lists, so I created a few and started adding people to my lists by following them using their search function within the list pages. I have no idea yet how to use these lists, but I think I will save that for later. I am Twittered out for now.

                                                                    Here is a new service just launched whereby you can join and offer your Twitter account for sponsorship tweets by advertisers. I signed up for that just to see how it works.

                                                                    Twitter Sponsor Account ----->*

                                                                    If you sign up it is as simple as anything I have ever done. They quickly value your account according to the number of followers you have, then they suggest a "per tweet" fee for you to charge the advertisers. Further, if a new person signs up under your account tag, you earn 10% of their tweet income, and if you refer an advertiser you will earn 5% of their spends. Very interesting deal. I read about it from an affiliate marketing newsletter I subscribe to.

                                                                    Some of you with many thousands of followers could really do well with this program.

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                                                                      wordperfect Scout

                                                                      I have been waiting for the steam to run out of this, seems as if it might have now.


                                                                      I ran a similar thread on other forums and the replies were generally less than positive, it seems, crude research and analysis I know! that the US has got Twitter better sorted than some other countries.


                                                                      So guys and gals, is it Ok for me to post some of your comments on other forums, try to give some feedback and positivity to others?
                                                                      Of course, i will fully acknowledge you, unless you would rather not expose yourself.


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                                                                        HomeBizGrowth Wayfarer
                                                                        Hello Howard,

                                                                        First of all if you want to build up your Following on Twitter, you must first decide the purpose of your Twitter account.

                                                                        This will allow you to post Tweets that are focused and based upon the purpose of your Twitter Time-line.

                                                                        You do not want to be all over the place with your tweets, because as humans we are creatures of habit...
                                                                        And we like consistency...

                                                                        For example, lets say that your Twitter account's purpose is to provide tips and insights on iPods.
                                                                        Now you have a focus...

                                                                        And therefore, your followers will know in advance that your Tweets will be about iPods.

                                                                        They will want to know more about the subject and if you post great Tweets, your Followers will want to know more and tell their friends about your Twitter Account.

                                                                        Do you see the difference in deciding in advance what you want to become an expert in?

                                                                        You'll be able to separate yourself from everyone else.

                                                                        I could could go on, but I know that you get the my point...

                                                                        Here is another angle to Twitter that you may not have thought about...

                                                                        Yes Twitter is amazing and you can build a nice following, but you can also earn profits if you strategically plan out Tweets...

                                                                        It's not as difficult as you may think, it's actually fun and I'm loving every minute of it!

                                                                        The book that I highly recommend you getting your hands on is "Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time" by Joel Comm.

                                                                        I blasted through that book and have been applying the strategies and techniques and my twitter followers are growing every single day.

                                                                        The book is soo inexpensive, but yet it will get you started the right way by helping you to avoid mistakes.

                                                                        Twitter Power will give you a list of recommended resources, including the ones that will automatically post to your Twitter Timeline.

                                                                        I really enjoyed Twitter Power and could go on and on, but I highly suggest that you at least go and read the reviews and the overview...


                                                                        Check my out on Twitter:
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                                                                          877.HMA.FITS Wayfarer

                                                                          I have been using Twitter for several months now. I use it to share with my followers valuable updates about the Hispanic Market (blogs, articles, news, etc). Social media is about providing value to a community, cultivating relationships. Indirectly, it helps the business.
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                                                                            fanguide3617 Wayfarer
                                                                            Yes, I use Twitter. I have a small following of people, who follow me. I also, use it to keep them inform of my business. This, I try to do on a daily basis.
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                                                                              corpfarm Wayfarer
                                                                              I use twitter mostly for customer support. Twitter can be great for your business, and can dramatically increase traffic to your website.
                                                                              Here is a list of 10 great ways to use Twitter for youyr business
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                                                                                gilespatricks Newbie
                                                                                I have been conducting research on twitter results for one of my client's marketing strategies. I only use pertinent products and information and no spam. I believe that if you are going to run a successful business of any kind you must truly have the desire to help people. I think we can all agree that spam really doesn't help anyone.

                                                                                Here are the facts. When I provide a short phrase implying that there is some interesting information at the link that I post along with the phrase, I get a consistent 5-7 percent of my followers that click on that link within the next 90 seconds. The numbers are very close every time I do this.


                                                                                Now keep in mind. I do not post any spam. I do not link to affiliate programs. I link to useful information that touches base on the products or services that I offer. I only do this once or twice every other day.


                                                                                I hope this helps.
                                                                                  • Re: Anyone use Twitter to promote their business?
                                                                                    studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                                    Good post, gilespatricks.
                                                                                    Exactly what works on Twitter from my experience too.
                                                                                    The other part is Branding. But that's part of what you were talking about.
                                                                                    When you post useful, valuable information targeted specifically to your Followers and their needs and interests, they will trust you. You will gain credibility. And eventually be perceived as the go-to expert in your field. Your Followers will be hungry for your Tweets and look out for them. They will add you to their Lists.
                                                                                    When you send a Tweet directing them to your website or sales page, they will go, happily and eagerly.
                                                                                    I can't say I get a 7 percent click through for all my tweets, but I get more than 2%. And with over 18,000 Followers, that's over 400 visits per Tweet. That's not bad. I also get a continuous flow of traffic to my website without Tweeting anything.
                                                                                    The key is Branding your Twitter image or personality. This involves a very tight focus on your area of expertise. It involves the design of your Twitter profile page, also with a very tight focus. And it involves a tight focus on the Tweets you write. Limit your marketing messages to between 1 out of 5 and 1 out of 10. The majority of posts should be limited to information that provides the most value to your Followers, as well as helpful responses to direct questions. All marketing links should also provide this same value and focus. Never go off-Brand. That's fine for people who use Twitter as an exclusively social medium. But it's not good for business.
                                                                                    Stay focused.

                                                                                      • Re: Anyone use Twitter to promote their business?
                                                                                        franklinb Adventurer
                                                                                        Since I first began with Twitter, my followers have grown many fold, but I believe they are all coming through bot apps automatically, but in spite of that apparent reality I can also post a short link with a description to it and between 10 and 30 will have a look at it within 30 to 60 seconds. After that, it is in the history books.

                                                                                        Recently I decided to post my profile on Socialoompah, and it automatically displays on the Twitter url appearing in the upper right. However, this process made me realize any Twitter user can create a detailed personal profile page to post there under settings. I am considering using my Google profile for it instead.

                                                                                        Also I have noticed a lot more users have been signing up for Sponsored Tweets which is a cool free deal offering 3 ways to earn money with Twitter. The amount I am earning is small at this point, but it is money and it is encouraging. I also stopped sending any stuff into my twitterfeed that was not about my central theme.

                                                                                        Sponsored Tweets*

                                                                                        Twitter for Franklinb*

                                                                                        I have no idea how this is progressing at this point since there is no direct value for using it, but then again I have websites to build, products to advertise and blogs to post to every day so I don't sit there on Twitter all the time, but I do occasionally retweet good relevant articles when I run into them.
                                                                                          • Re: Anyone use Twitter to promote their business?
                                                                                            studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                                            Twitter, Facebook, Forums and other Social Media are all part of your sales funnel. Each has its own place in the funnel, along with Pay Per Click, Email, Direct Mail and traditional advertising.

                                                                                            In my experience Twitter is several levels in the funnel above a sale. In other words, you need to send people on Twitter to something besides a direct sales page. Sending them to a blog is good or a content rich page on your main website. There are also several ways to build up your Facebook Fan Page with Twitter.

                                                                                            If your sales page is highly informative and useful, you can get good results from Twitter. But you have to make the transition very skillfully.

                                                                                            I used to sometimes test out affiliate products using Twitter. If there was enough interest, I'd create a campaign around it using Pay Per Click. It's cheaper than running a Pay Per Click campaign just to test out a product that you don't end up selling. But you have to be very selective about what product you push to your Followers. It better be something you're sure they want. And if you're really sure they want it, then trust your instincts and create a preliminary campaign for it. So I don't do that much anymore. I noticed a drop off in Followers several times. There really aren't any shortcuts. Much as we'd all like to have them.

                                                                                            It's better to have one or more intermediary pages that finally lead to the sales page. That way everyone who is not interested is weeded out before they reach the page. People in Social Media can be very sensitive about being manipulated. They expect to get lots of valuable free information. And they appreciate it if it's of very high value to them and their needs and interests. There are usually several steps between the initial Tweet and the sale. In that way it's sort of like the typical product launch. In the beginning you're just building up interest, trust, credibility and desire. When they finally hit the sales page they're highly motivated and the conversion ratio shows that.

                                                                                            One of the best ways to use Twitter is to direct people to a blog article or informative web page that then sends them to a squeeze page that gives away a valuable free report or ebook about the same subject. It's a good way to build up your opt-in email list. Then use autoresponders to your list to build interest in your for sale products and direct your list to your sales pages. It's several steps, but your conversion rates more than make up for the extra effort.

                                                                                            Free is a key component of sales success on the web. A lot of people don't like to hear that. But it really does take a lot of solid, valuable free content to grab the high traffic numbers, build credibility and trust, and create a powerful thirst for what you're selling. There's nothing easy about it. It takes work.

                                                                                      • Re: Anyone use Twitter to promote their business?
                                                                                        MOGfise Wayfarer

                                                                                        My twitter page is ; also post my tweets on my web site at

                                                                                        I update things going on with my business and information I find interesting or informative.

                                                                                        Also use Facebook -

                                                                                        and Linkedin -