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    Single owner/employee LLC. Tax filing procedure.

    shin001 Newbie

      I've opened a LLC company in NJ this month and I am the only one owner/employee of this company.
      I do computer consulting service providing services to multiple clients and get paid on Corp to Corp basis.
      most of the times i use my apartment(rented) for the business and some times I do go to the client's place.

      My questions are,

      1)How can I file my taxes? Do I have to file my taxes once in three months or only once in a year.
      2) also I would like to add my Apartment(rented) expenses( rent, internet service, utilities , car expenses etc). How can I do this?
      3) what will be the average tax I have to pay ? it will be 30% or more?


      I appreciate if some one could answer my questions .