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    Collecting Past Due Accounts

    mercy1 Newbie
      I need help with collections at our office. Where do I start looking for reputable collection agencies who will not "strong-arm" our clients?
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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          I have just the debt collection company.
          They are actually a client of my firm and have a procedure in place where they do not strong-arm customers.
          Email me at and I will be happy to give you their contact information.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            May I ask where you are located, and what type of business you are in?
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Good question, Lighthouse. Have you tried the yellow pages in your area (yes the yellow pages still exist)
                or googling "Collection Agencies"
                Debtors are more likely to pay once contacted by a collection agency.{font:Verdana}{size:10pt} A collection agency knows
                works when it comes to collecting overdue payments. There are very
                specific rules and
                regulations around the permissible methods of
                contacting a debtor.
                Good luck, LUCKIEST

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                TheCollector Newbie
                Please feel free to call us. Federated Collection Bureau,Inc. 1-800-789-4074. Contact: Trey Jackson,VP
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  mercy 1, Have you found help with collections at your office??
                  I can help, LUCKIEST
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                    Grow_Safely Newbie

                    I'm new to the community and I think I can help you if you have not already found someone.

                    First, provide me the name of the delinquent client and I will provide you with a free Business Activity Scan. With only the name we can provide vital behind-the-scenes information about their financial stability, which is necessary for you to make an informed and intelligent collection decision.

                    Coface is an industry leader because:

                    Member Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) - Dedicated and committed to the highest standards.
                    Recognition by - Faulkner and Gray Credit & Collections Directory.
                    Commercial Debt Recovery - Licensed, bonded collection specialists serving as an extension of your A/R Dept.
                    Field Investigation Network - Credit-trained professionals capable of face-to-face meetings with your debtors almost anywhere in the world.
                    Online Access - Instant account updates via fax from our advanced computer software.
                    Credit Reports - Up-to-the-minute information on potential and existing customers.
                    Customized Educational Seminars - We provide all of our expertise to enhance your in-house efforts.

                    In addition, you can outsource your entire A/R function to Coface if you choose.

                    Call Mike at 212-560-0419

                    Good Luck to you.

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                        mercy1 Newbie
                        Thanks, Mike! I will try the contact number you gave soon. There were 2 or 3 very good resources in the responses that I need to check on! I appreciate all of the great information! mercy1
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                            mst3636 Wayfarer
                            Hello Mercy 1,

                            My name is Michael with Dorsey Thornton and Associates, if you have not had any luck withyour collections to this point please try us out. My number is 1-877-774-3597 and you can check us out at I believe you will see that we can offer you the best service and best results in the industry at the lowest fees. As always we never charge a up front fee!