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    Companies looking to expand their business in Africa

    Africa Newbie

      I am a Cameroonian living in the Caribbean. I am planning to return home early next year to set up a business with two objectives:

      1 - Provide to local companies in West Africa, goods, services, technology and expertise available in the Caribbean, South, Central and North America that will help them to accelerate their growth or optimise the operations and their costs.
      2 - Provide to consumers in West Africa goods and services that they will love to have, to consume but that the distance or the technology gap prohibit them to have.
      I teamed up with few friends and relatives who already own and manage businesses in various other fields. Their looking to expand their footprints as well. Our network of expertise allows us to plan to start up two companies the first fical year, However we are also opened to discuss all serious opportunities.
      Having said that, we are looking for companies that are looking or willing to explore opportunities in Africa: by setting up offices overthere or simply getting their products or services being distributed.
      Do any one in this forum knows companies that might be interested in this offer? Or a website where I can connect with people with the some interest?
      Thanks in advance for all your responses or advices.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Aviation operations and records retention is somewhat of a 'problem' in some areas of Africa. When doing records and aircraft returns, we have run into a lot of problems because of software. Our spreadsheets are now ready for use and our sales team is working, would there be any reason to a small airline to have fabulous IT and records retention methods for a fair and competitive price?

          Since the software is delivered over the internet (SaaS), commencing any ventures would be very easy. My email is on my profile.

          Best, DD
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            BartonsInt17 Newbie
            I am business owner from the U.S. I am an importer of goods from Italy and France and England..I sell goods to the American market..Mostly designer wear for Men and women. I know of a couple of Big companies that are located in South Africa..One is called: TISO Group
            another is: African Venture Group Partners. These companies have websites you can checkout, and contact them..I am sure they will lead you in the right direction.

            I hope this helps you.
            Koretha Barton
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                SME_ally Adventurer
                Hello Koretha,

                I am a website designer and hosting provider for companies doing business in Japan. Can you please tell me a bit more about the products you import from the EU? What are the brand names and what type of apparel can you source? Do you have a site I can browse? I may have a client who would be interested in buying since brand name products is a huge market in Japan.

                For others who are reading this post, if you have any unique products that you'd like to introduce to the Japanese market, I can help. Or if you are looking for cosmetics such as Shiseido and anime DVDs, I have clients whom I can connect you to.

                You can reach me here: info @ monsterelf . com
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                SME_ally Adventurer

                I have a client in the UK who sells shea butter lotion. Her products are being sold in Tanzania. But I am sure she would be interested in expanding her market in Africa. If you are interested I can put you in touch with her.

                Also, if you have contacts in the used automobile business, you can think about importing used cars from Japan. It is a lucrative business. I know of a few Africans (Ghana) in Japan who have been very successful. I can help if you are interested.

                Good luck with your endeavor!